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Asana visualizes how work maps out over time. So you can spot risks, see how changes affect deadlines, and make plans teams know they can count on.

Get more done

Teams report they’re up to 45% more efficient with Asana. That’s because Asana cuts down work about work and gives teams clarity to focus on what counts.

Hit your goals

Only Asana connects your goals and the work to support them in one place. Teams understand priorities, and everyone keeps rowing in the same direction.

Scale as you grow

Asana brings together everything teams need to communicate, collaborate, and coordinate work. It’s the only app for managing work you’ll ever need.

Keep your team’s work on track


Because communication is centralized, it saves us a ton of overhead.

Badrul Farooqi
Product Manager

Sony Music

By getting requests out of email and using Asana to collaborate more effectively, we’re able to save 60 hours a month.

Walter Gross
Senior Digital Marketing Manager


Funneling all communications through Asana is not only good for record-keeping, but also for general sanity. Asana holds me accountable, and because I get notifications, I never miss out.

Kenah Cooper
Director of Brand Marketing


Asana has been instrumental in enabling our team to grow by 6X this year and successfully scale our processes.

Ryan Bonnici
Chief Marketing Officer


Asana is the lifeline for our organization to function properly, and has played a crucial role in our team re-design over the past six months.

Kazuhiro Higuchi
Product Manager


If I want to know what's going on with a project or what the status of anything is, I just look at Asana and everything is instantly clear. Asana makes our process more efficient.

Rian Hunter
Software Engineer


Thanks to Asana, our team can efficiently review more projects, which has an impact on the amount of money going through our platform, a key metrics for our business.

Toshiaki Sasaki
Product Manager and Director


By combining Slack and Asana, while creating a place to freely express opinions, we are able to come up with new ideas, create teamwork process, and produce results.

Takako Kansai

Air France KLM

Asana has become the cornerstone of project management for the Shared Services Center. It has enabled our small team of six to migrate services and implement new tools effectively that impact all 1,500 of our employees and users around the world.

Tamas Kadar
Business Development Manager

Morning Coworking

Asana makes it so easy to keep track of every detail without adding complexity.

Tania Boros
Director of Operations

Cadeau - Maestro

We chose Asana because it offered countless functions and possibilities to help us improve the company, the brand, and the service provided.

Nicolas Graillon
Web Marketing Manager

La Ruche

Asana was easy for the team to quickly understand and get onboard.

Clément Chapalain
Product Manager


With Asana, the knowledge belongs to our organization and not just to the people who are creating it.

Alexander Pöllmann
Smart Office and Collaboration Manager


Asana connects our global marketing team in Berlin with our 13 local marketing offices around the world, ensuring quick and clear communication.

Rosario Messina
Group Marketing Team Leader, Awin


With Asana, everyone can see what others are working on and provide feedback or chime in when a meeting is necessary.

Holger Seim
Co-Founder & CEO @ Blinkist

Fond Of

In Asana, threads don’t multiply. Everyone in the loop can be informed, and they can unfollow if they want. Everyone saves time and is more efficient.

Martin Steinbach
Founder CEO of Fond Of

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