Turn your user actions into Asana Tasks

Example: UserSnap

Annotate screenshots of current bugs or suggested improvements from your browser and send visual bug reports directly to Asana.

Turn Asana tasks into actions in your app

Example: FancyHands

Assign tasks directly from Asana to Fancy Hands assistants.

Allow users to create Asana Tasks without leaving your app

Example: GitHub

Link Github commits to tasks so everyone on your team can stay on top of recent code changes.

Display user Asana Tasks in your app

Example: Sunrise Calendar

See your Asana tasks in Sunrise, and also edit them from your favorite calendar.

Example: Sprintboards

Simply connect your Asana project to a Sprintboard and share your one-page project status report.

Example: Slack

Post updates to a Slack channel when there are changes in your Asana workspace