Organization Exports

An organization_export object represents a request to export the complete data of an Organization in JSON format.

To export an Organization using this API:

  • Create an organization_export request and store the id that is returned.
  • Request the organization_export every few minutes, until the state field contains ‘finished’.
  • Download the file located at the URL in the download_url field.

Exports can take a long time, from several minutes to a few hours for large Organizations.

Note: These endpoints are only available to Service Accounts of an Enterprise Organization.

Organization Exports have the following fields:
Field Description
id 1234 Read-only. Globally unique ID of the Organization export. Note: This field is under active migration to the gid field—please see our blog post for more information.
gid "1234" Read-only. Globally unique ID of the Organization export.
created_at '2012-02-22T02:06:58.147Z' Read-only. The time at which this export was requested.
download_url '' null Read-only. Download this URL to retreive the full export of the organization in JSON format. It will be compressed in a gzip (.gz) container.

Note: May be null if the export is still in progress or failed. If present, this URL may only be valid for 1 hour from the time of retrieval. You should avoid persisting this URL somewhere and rather refresh on demand to ensure you do not keep stale URLs.
state 'pending' 'started' 'finished' 'error' Read-only. The current state of the export.
organization { id: 14916, gid: "14916", name: 'My Workspace' } Create-only. The Organization that is being exported. This can only be specified at create time.


GET    /organization_exports/{organization_export_gid}

Returns details of a previously-requested Organization export.

Parameter Description
organization_export_gid "12345" Required: Globally unique identifier for the Organization export.


POST    /organization_exports

This method creates a request to export an Organization. Asana will complete the export at some point after you create the request.

Parameter Description
organization "1331" Required: Globally unique identifier for the workspace or organization.