A job represents a process that handles asynchronous work.

Jobs are created when an endpoint requests an action that will be handled asynchronously. Such as project or task duplication.

Only the creator of the duplication process can access the duplication status of the new object.

Jobs have the following fields:
Field Description
gid "1234" Read-only. Globally unique ID of the job.
resource_type "job" Read-only. The resource type of this resource. The value for this resource is always job.
resource_subtype "duplicate_project" "duplicate_task" Read-only. The type of job.
status "not_started" "in_progress" "succeeded" "failed" Read-only. The status of the job.
new_project { id: 1234, gid: "1234", name: 'Bugs' } Read-only. Contains the new project if the job created a new project.
new_task { id: 1234, gid: "1234", name: 'Bug task' } Read-only. Contains the new task if the job created a new task.


GET    /jobs/{job_gid}

Returns the complete job record for a single job.

Parameter Description
job_gid "124816" Required: The job to get.