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Build the best sales foundation, understand your market, and set strong goals by following our winning sales plan template.

Empower your sales team and set strong goals with our sales plan template

In order to go after the right market segments with an effective sales strategy, sales teams have to start with a solid planning foundation. With lots of tricky questions to answer and details to iron out, it can be easy to lose track of who’s responsible for finalizing pieces of the plan. Our sales plan template gives you the structure you need to make sure you’ve got each piece of the plan ready.

  • Track everything in one place. Research shows that team members who know how their individual work contributes to their overall team goals are 2X as motivated as their counterparts. Instead of having responsibilities, to-dos, and requests scattered in various channels, connect your sales plan to your team’s every day work. Empower and motivate your team to hit their goals, every time.
  • Integrate your favorite sales tools. Switching between tools isn’t just confusing—it wastes time you and your team could be spending on high-impact work. Asana integrates with your favorite sales tools like Salesforce to drive seamless collaboration throughout the sales cycle.
  • Make sure work starts at the right time with dependencies. Certain pieces of your sales plan—like market research, sales budget, and sales goals—need to be tackled first. Ensure your teammates don’t get off schedule by using task dependencies.
  • Clarify who’s doing what by when. With our sales plan template, you can assign tasks to teammates with clear deadlines and expectations—ultimately leading to more timely success in creating your sales plan.
  • Know how your sales plan is progressing. Your sales plan shouldn’t be a document you create at the beginning of a sales cycle and then put aside. By using our sales plan template, you can keep stakeholders updated on completed milestones with status reports. Team leads can check in on the plan to see where high priorities stand, and where work might be blocked.

Types of sales plans you can create in Asana

  • Territory plan
  • 30, 60, or 90 day sales plan
  • Sales action plan
  • Sales pipeline

New to sales plans in Asana?

All of your questions, answered:

  • What is a sales plan? A sales plan is a strategy of the metrics and goals your sales team has for a period of time. Your sales plan should include your team’s objectives, target audience, revenue goals, strategies, and obstacles that might stand in your way.
  • How can I write a sales plan? To write a sales plan, start with our sales plan template. Establish your sales budget, your team’s revenue targets, and the metrics and tools you’ll be using. Add any market research you need to do before getting started, what your team structure is and who’s responsible for what, and what your deadlines are. Share your sales plan with your team and any stakeholders, so everyone knows who’s doing what by when, what your goals are, and how you’ll get there.

Empower your sales team by clarifying what your goals are, how you’ll get there, and how their individual work connects to your team’s larger initiatives. Get started with our sales plan template today.

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