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How do I search for projects, tasks, or Conversations?
The search bar can be found in the top bar of Asana. To run a basic search, type the name or title of any object in the search bar. Select Advanced Search to specify more detailed criteria.
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How do I find a list of tags in my Workspace/Organization?
Tags list is no longer available in Asana, but you can pull a list of your tags with our API. Try it out by using our API Explorer.
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How do I change my profile name, photo, email settings, and Hack feature settings?
Profile Settings help you adjust the details of your account.
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How do I add another email address to my account?
In Asana, you can have multiple email addresses associated to one account. To do so, go to your Profile Settings and navigate to the To Email tab.
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How do I merge two accounts together?
If you have two separate accounts, consider merging them together. To do so, go to your Profile Settings and navigate to the To Email tab. Rest assured, the Workspaces and Organizations you belong to will remain separate entities and private from one another after the merge. The only difference is that you'll be able to access all of your Workspaces and Organizations without having to log out of one account and back into another.
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How do I export, copy, or print a project?
There are many available actions you can take on your projects in Asana, many of which are found in the Project header menu.
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How do I create tasks via email?
You can create tasks and conversations by sending emails to Asana. In addition to emailing to create tasks in your My Tasks list, you can also send emails to create tasks directly in any Asana project or tag.
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How do I make subtasks appear on my project calendar?
Subtasks do not inherit the project association of its parent task. A subtask will only appear in a Calendar if the subtask is explicitly added to the project. Once the subtask is added to the project, it will appear in the Calendar View.
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How do I restore a deleted project or task?
For deleted projects, the person who deleted the project should have received an email containing the Project ID along with instructions to recover it automatically. For deleted tasks, you should be able to recover it from the Deleted Tasks View found in the sidebar.
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How do I create a new team?
Teams are only available in Organizations. If you’re already in an Organization, scroll to the bottom of the sidebar and click Create New Team. If you do not see this option, that means you are in a Workspace rather than an Organization.
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How do I create an Organization?
Organizations are shared spaces you use to collaborate with your colleagues in Asana. If you sign up for Asana with a work (or custom) email address, we will automatically create an Organization based on that email domain (or add you to an existing Organization with that domain if one exists). If you did not sign up with a custom email address, add one to your account and you can then convert your Workspace into an Organization.
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How do I remove people from my Organization?
Deprovision people from your Organization to remove their access from your company's projects and tasks.
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My company changed email domains, how do I update our Organization in Asana?
Did your company change or add a new email domain? Let us know and we can help you associate it to your Organization in Asana.
Who is the administrator of our Workspace/Organization?
In the free version of Asana, all Members have equal control over the Workspace/Organization and there is no administrator role. The administrator role is only available in premium Organizations. If you are in a premium Organization, the identity of your administrator can be found in the Organization's Settings.
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Something is not working

Asana is not functioning properly
If you are seeing a blank screen, missing buttons, or encountering any other strange app behavior, please try clearing your browser’s cache, cookies, or history—or upgrade to the newest version of a supported browser.
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Asana's mobile app is not functioning properly
If you're having issues with our mobile app, try uninstalling and reinstalling the app to see if that solves your problem. If you're still experiencing issues after reinstalling the app, contact our Support Team to troubleshoot further.
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Asana is crashing
If Asana crashes and you see a unique error phrase, be sure to note it down and let us know. If possible, please also provide screenshots or steps to reproduce your issue.
Where are my email notifications?
If you are not getting emails, first check your spam folder. Then make sure you have Activity checked for the appropriate Organization or Workspace in the To Email tab of Profile Settings.
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I am locked out of my account
If you don't remember your password (or need to change it) click Forgot your password? on the login page, or reset your password here.
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I already have an account, but I am stuck in the account creation screen.
There are two likely scenarios. (1) You used Google login with an email address that had no Asana account, or (2) you have an account under one email address but were invited into Asana under another email address. If either of these are the case, just go through the account creation process and once you enter Asana, merge your two accounts together to resolve this issue.
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Why was my email address removed from my account?
You received this email because you were a Member of an Organization and were recently removed from the Organization, which in turn removed the company email address from your account. In free Organizations, all Members have the ability to remove other Members. In premium Organizations, the only the administrator can remove Members. If you feel this was done by mistake, just ask someone still in the Organization to invite you back in.
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How do other teams use Asana

How do other teams setup their projects?
Join the Asana Community to see workflows built by other Asana users.
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What are some ways to use Asana?
Check out the following examples on different ways to use Asana.
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What are some neat tips and tricks in Asana?
Check out the following resources written by Asana experts.
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Premium and Billing

I'd like to know more about upgrading to Asana Premium
We'd love to talk to you! Contact our sales team today.
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What's features are included in the premium version of Asana?
Check out the following page for a full list of features available only in Asana's premium version.
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How do I set up custom fields?
Learn how to create, edit, and manage custom fields in your projects.
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Does Asana offer a training program for my team?
Premium Organizations of 50+ Members get a dedicated Customer Success Manager to answer your questions and help deploy Asana at your company.
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Administrators of premium Organizations can access the Organization Settings to remove people, change authentication requirements, or export data from the Organization
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Change your plan size, reassign billing owner, and update credit card
Click your profile photo in the top corner and select your Organization’s Settings from the drop-down menu. Navigate to the Billing tab to update billing information.
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Why am I being charged sales tax on my Asana subscription?
In accordance with sales tax regulations, Asana is legally required to collect state and local tax on subscription fees for customers in certain locations. Whether or not tax is due depends upon the buyer’s location. The actual tax rate is determined by the applicable state and/or local tax rates and may vary based on your location.

As of May 2016, state and local sales tax will be applied to fees charged to customers with a billing address in the State of New York.
Does Asana offer tax exemptions?
If you are a non-profit or educational institution based in the U.S. and have tax exempt status, please contact Asana Customer Support and attach a copy of your tax exempt form.
Where can I see how much sales tax I am being charged?
Sales tax applied to your subscription fee will be listed as a separate line item on your invoice. Your invoice can be accessed via your account page.
Do you offer discounts for student groups using Asana?
We are happy to offer free premium Asana accounts for qualifying student groups. Just fill out the form in the link below!
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API and integrations

See current Asana apps and integrations
Asana works with all the tools your team is already using. See our current list of integrations on our Apps page.
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Submit your Asana Integration
Did you build an Asana integration? We’d love to check it out! Please submit your integration—and thanks!
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Asana API Documentation
If you need help or additional information to get started, please check out Asana's API Documentation.
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Ask other Asana developers a question
Join the Asana Community to connect with other Asana developers.
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Sales Inquiries

Why upgrade to Asana Premium?
Asana Premium gives you all the awesomeness of Asana, plus additional permission settings, security features and personalized help from our Customer Success team.
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Talk to our Sales team
Have a large team or specific requirements? We'd be happy to talk with you! Reach out to our sales team today.
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Feedback and feature requests

I have a different question

I want to get the most out of Asana
The Asana Guide is our official resource to help teams do great things together. You'll find tutorials, detailed feature descriptions, innovative ways to use Asana, videos, and more.
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Common Questions
Check out our FAQ for answers to some of our most common support questions.
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What features does Asana offer?
Check out our glossary for an overview of features available in Asana.
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