New Project Templates Migration

Starting April 11th 2022, Legacy Project Templates will begin to migrate to New Project Templates. New Project Templates are available for all Premium, Business, and Enterprise customers.

New Project Templates announcement

Starting April 11th, when you land on any project or team, you will see this message announcing New Project Templates. Click on Try now to update to the latest version.


Owners and creators of Legacy Project Templates will see the following message.


With this message you can:

  1. Click on Update to update to New Project Templates
  2. Click on Not now if you wish to continue using Legacy Project Templates until the migration is complete


If you click on Not now, you can still update to New Project Templates later on via the banner that appears on the project.

Template archived

When the migration is complete, the Legacy Project Template will be archived.

Original Legacy Project Templates will be accessible

Project Templates created by the migration will have a reference to the source project, allowing users to not lose any data.

Reference to source project

Features not included in New Project Templates

New Project Templates tasks will not have absolute dates. They will only have relative dates to an anchor date, which can be the date the project begins or ends.

Schedule type

In Legacy Project Templates, the template access to use or edit it was the same as the project membership. With New Project Templates, you can set the privacy for members to “Can edit,” where members will be able to add, edit or delete anything in the template or “Can use,” where members can use the template but can’t edit it.


If you are using Asana’s API to duplicate templates, you will need to use the New Project Templates endpoints.

Learn more about New Project Templates

To learn more about New Project Templates, see this article.

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