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Our mission at Asana is to help humanity thrive by enabling the world’s teams to work together effortlessly. And when we say the world’s teams—we mean it. Today more than 135,000 paying organisations use Asana to orchestrate their work.

As we continue expanding our global footprint and supporting a wider variety of teams and industries around the world, we want to ensure customers have more control over where their data is stored. To serve our customers across the EU region, we have launched a data centre in Frankfurt, Germany, available today to Asana Enterprise customers.

With Asana Enterprise, organisations can address data residency obligations by storing their task, project, attachment, and intellectual property in Frankfurt. Asana partners with Amazon Web Services to deliver in-region storage with high reliability and performance. With access to a regional data centre, customers can more easily adhere to both internal data policies as well as evolving government and third-party regulations enforcing data residency requirements.

EU data centre FAQ - What you need to know

What data is stored in the EU data centre?

Eligible Asana customers can elect to have all their customer data including teams, projects, tasks, domain/CSV exports and attachments stored in the European data centre (primary in Germany and back up in Ireland). Your user profile data such as avatar, images, email address and passwords will continue to be stored in the US.

Will all data be processed in the EU?

No, data may be processed outside of the EU e.g. for support services and in line with your use of Asana. Please take a look at the subprocessor list available here.

My company isn’t based in the EU, can I still have my data hosted there?

Yes! Your regional location does not limit your ability to host data in the European data centre.

Will anything change in terms of service or data access if I move my data to the European data centre?

No, your business will continue to enjoy the same great Asana experience that it does today.

Which privacy and data protection frameworks does the European data centre comply with?

Asana has established a comprehensive privacy and data protection program. We are committed to partnering with customers and vendors on their global privacy compliance needs, including complying with GDPR, UK GDPR, Swiss Federal Act on Data Protection, the Israeli Privacy Laws, South Africa POPPI Act. Asana is also ISO 27701 certified. ISO 27701 is a privacy information management standard supporting compliance with global privacy laws.

What security and data protection compliance has Asana completed?

Asana has successfully completed SOC 2 (Type 1) and (Type 2) audits, ISO 27001, ISO 27018, ISO 27017, and ISO 27701. Customer data is encrypted at rest and in transit and protected with cross-regional backups.

Let’s do great things together

Launching this data centre is just the latest example of our continued investment in enterprise-grade features and global privacy compliance. To learn more why more than a million teams in 190 countries trust us to keep their data safe, visit Asana's Privacy Statement and Asana’s privacy commitment.

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