Hiring and onboarding templates

New hire checklists are just the beginning. Build a simpler hiring and onboarding process with Asana templates.

Asana was intuitive and easy to use. We cut down our planning time for onboarding by 30% using a pre-set template, and reduced client back-and-forth by 15 emails over the month.”
Max DoyleManaging Director, Hello Social

Time-saving hack

Templates are more than just a set of tasks—they also reduce the amount of time you spend coordinating work. Build custom templates for your hiring and onboarding processes, and take back your time.

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Start with peace-of-mind

Instead of sending contracts and attachments back and forth, Asana’s 260+ app integrations let you—and your newest colleague—work from one, central space. Reduce the stress, tension, and nerves for new employees with a simpler onboarding process.

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Talented tools

Hiring and onboarding doesn’t have to be complicated. With Asana templates, you can connect with and retain talent—without the busywork.


Hiring and onboarding

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City of Providence recruiting pipeline template banner image

City of Providence recruiting pipeline template

Use this template from the City of Providence to track job candidates through your recruiting pipeline—from resume screens to employee onboarding.

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Gambar banner templat onboarding pegawai Asana

Templat onboarding pegawai

Pengalaman onboarding yang efektif memudahkan pegawai baru untuk melacak daftar tugas onboarding mereka di satu tempat. Siapkan pegawai baru untuk meraih kesuksesan sejak hari pertama dengan templat onboarding eksklusif Asana kami.

Employee offboarding checklist template banner image

Employee offboarding checklist

Organize your good-byes. Employee offboarding checklist templates streamline the process for departing employees and help everyone with the transition.

Gambar banner templat persiapan pegawai baru

New hire checklist for managers

Bringing on a new member of the team is exciting—but it does involve a bit of preparation. Take some of the busywork away with Asana’s new hire preparation template.

[Templat] Pelacakan Calon (gambar kartu)

Pelacakan calon

Gunakan templat ini untuk mengatur dan melacak calon untuk semua posisi yang tersedia agar tim selaras sepanjang proses perekrutan.

Gambar pertanyaan wawancara dan kartu skor

Templat dan kartu skor pertanyaan wawancara

Mengadakan wawancara yang sukses dengan calon potensial itu penting bagi kedua pihak. Bersiaplah dengan pertanyaan wawancara dan gunakan templat ini untuk menyusun wawancara Anda di awal.

Transition plan template banner image

Transition plan template

Work doesn’t stop when someone leaves your team. Learn how to create a transition plan template in Asana so you can keep things moving when team members change jobs.

30-60-90 day plan template banner image

30-60-90 day plan template

A strong onboarding process is essential to help new hires succeed. Create a 30-60-90 day plan template to guide new hires through their first 3 months.

Image of interview

Interview Questions Template & Scorecard

Conducting a successful interview with a potential candidate is important for both parties. Be prepared with interview questions, and use this template to get your interview organized beforehand