Asana-created templates

Asana-created templates make it fast and easy to add new workflows into Asana. By using these templates, you can also follow our suggested ways of tracking your work in Asana, and further customize the projects to match your team’s needs. With Asana templates, you don’t have to build workflows from scratch. You can set up projects to track your work perfectly from the start.

Create a project from a template

Creating a project in Asana

Creating a project

  1. Click the orange Omnibutton in the top bar
  2. Select Project
  3. Or, click the + button under your "Recent Projects" on your Homepage

Choose your template

Navigate to template importer tab

View templates

Select a template from the exisiting Asana templates or choose a template from the General templates tab.

Preview an Asana template

Preview an Asana template to see what it looks like and how you could use it. Then, click Use Template when you're ready to create it.

Using a form as a template

Use a form template to consolidate your team's creative requests into a clear picture of suggested workflow.

How to create a form template:

Create form

From Choose a project template:

  1. Click on the Creative Requests icon option
  2. Click on Use Template on form template page

use template

From here you can build a Creative Requests Form template where all your work requests can be captured, tracked and evaluated.

When you select Use Template, you’ll be able to rename the template and get started with your new project in form template.

Edit project details

Next, you have the option to rename the template, and choose which team the project should go in. You can share the project with your team, or make it private to project members.

Create your project with an Asana template

After you add project details:

  1. Click Create Project

Initially, you may want to make the project private so you can customize it to best fit your workflow before making it public to the team.

If you have a recurring workflow, you can make your own template and then copy the project each time you need to use it.

A finished Asana template

Next, you'll want to customize the project to fit your team's workflow.

Edit the project to fit your workflow

Asana template instruction task

Once your template is created, we recommend reading the instruction task at the top of the task list before using or making any changes to this template. This task is marked clearly with "[READ ME]".

The template tasks in the project represent suggestions and placeholders to give you an idea of how to use the project. You can edit the sectionssections and taskstasks as needed to make this project fit your needs.

Free and Premium templates

Asana Onboarding and Meeting Agenda are free templates that any Asana user can create.

The following templates are only available to Asana Premium users:

  • Company Goals & Milestones
  • Event Planning
  • Product Launches
  • Editorial Calendar
  • Bug Tracking
  • Candidate Tracking

Premium templates with custom fields

Every Premium template has 2-3 custom fields created by Asana to help you track additional data in your project. You will see the Asana logo next to these fields, and in Advanced Search.

To manage custom fields, click the project actions dropdown, and select Manage Custom Fields. You cannot edit Asana template fields, but you can always add new fields or remove them. Like all custom fields, once created, you can use them across all Asana projects.

Manage custom fields in Asana projects

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