Task dependencies

With task dependencies, you can mark a task as waiting on another task.

Teams with collaborative workflows can easily see what tasks they’re waiting on from others, and know when to get started on their portion of work.

When the first task is completed, it will notify the assignee of the next task that they can start on their task.

Mark tasks as dependent on

mark as dependent

To mark a task as dependent on:

Click into the task and then click on Add dependencies

adding dependencies


  1. Begin typing the name of the task you wish to be the precedent task
  2. Select the task in the typeahead that appears
  3. This task will now show what task it is Blocked by

adding dependencies 2

You can also add dependencies from your Project List View

  1. Click Customize in your toolbar
  2. Scroll down in Fields until you reach Dependencies and click to toggle on
  3. You can then view and add dependencies from your Project List View

Drawing dependencies on your Timeline

You can set dependencies directly on your Timeline by clicking the connector icon that appears when hovering over a task and then dragging to another task.

Drawing Dependencies Gif

To draw dependencies on your Timeline:

  • Click on the connector icon when hovering over a task
  • Drag the connector over to the task you wish to mark as Dependent On

Multiple dependencies

A single task can be dependent on multiple tasks and multiple tasks can be dependent on a single task.

Precedent task blocking

The precedent task will now show the tasks it is blocking indicating other tasks are waiting on it to be completed. If a single task is dependent on multiple tasks, each precedent task will appear in the dependent task's right pane.

To remove a dependency, hover over an existing dependency and click the X symbol that appears to remove that dependency.


The assignee of the dependent task will receive notifications for the following actions:

  • The precedent task is marked complete
  • The precedent task has its due date changed or removed


If a task is dependent on multiple tasks, you will only receive one notification when all precedent tasks have been completed.

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