Paid Plans and Pricing Per User in Asana


In Asana Basic, the free version of Asana, all participants are counted against the use of member seats whether having the same Organizational email or a personal email.

Our plans are available on a tiered basis to allow our customers to grow their teams.

Subscriptions are tied to spaces according to its numbers of users in a given Workspace, Organization, team or Division in Asana.

Our pricing is based on 2 variables:

  1. The tiered plan that best suits your needs
  2. The number of users/seats on the plan or billable group

If you have any issues with your existing plan, please reach out to our Support team.

Visit our pricing page to compare tier features and plans.

The people of Asana

A user is an individual license with full access to your Asana domain. For a Workspace, a user is someone in your Workspace. For Orgs, a user is someone that shares the same email domain.

Who constitutes as an Asana user?:

  • Workspace member - For more information on the people in a Workspace visit here.

  • Workspace Limited Access Members - People with restricted access to your Workspace.

Workspaces do not require a common company email domain and every person you invite to collaborate on a task or a project will be counted as a member of your workspace, regardless of being added as Members or Limited Access Members. This means they will count toward your paid plan (whether it is a Premium, Business or Enterprise plan).

  • Org member - For more information on the people in an Organization visit here.

  • Org Guest - Guests are tied to Organizations.

They are users who do not share the Organization email domain and have been invited to work on a specific task, project or team. Guests of an Organization do not count toward the paid plan (in Premium, Business or Enterprise).

  • Team member - to find out more about team members visit here.

  • Team Guests - Guests invited to a specific team.

  • Team Limited Acess Member - users with restricted access to a specific team.

Who can leverage the features on a paid plan?

Anyone with a company email address who signs up for Asana will automatically be added to your Organization and you’ll need to pay for them in a Premium Organization.

If you upgrade the Organization, you are paying for every Member in the Organization; the entire Organization and all teams inside of your Organization can leverage the paid features.

If you upgrade a specific team, only that particular team will be considered on a paid plan and benefit from the features.

Contact our Sales Team if you’re interested in upgrading.

Who is included in an Asana paid plan

In both the free and paid tiers of Asana, organization membership is defined by email domain.

This means that anyone who shares the org domain, ( is automatically considered a member and anyone who doesn’t is considered a guest (

In the Premium version of Asana, we allow access to unlimited guests which means that guests do not take up a seat within your membership limit.

Who counts towards a paid plan?:

seat counting

Who takes up seats in a paid plan:

  • In paid Workspaces, everyone counts towards your paid plan, Members and Limited Access Members (regardless of your email domain)
  • In teams, Organizations and Divisions, members with a corporate email domain (full Members and Limited Access Members) take up seats in the plan
  • Guests who do not share the corporate email domain do not count towards the paid plan and are free

To recap:

Don't count towards your premium plan sizeContribute to the seat count in paid teams, Workspaces and Organizations

Navigate to the Admin Console and to the Members tab, to manage your users and help you better understand who is contributing to your overall membership count.

Inviting Guests

Guest users are external to your team, such as a vendor, client, freelancer or outside consultant.

Team Guests

You can add anyone as a team member (regardless if they share your domain or not). You can do so by following these steps.

A Guest is a user who does not share your email domain and has been invited to your Organization to work on a specific task, project or team.

Organization Guests

You can invite Guests (users who do not share your email domain) for free, as long as they use a different domain than yours, they will not count toward your Premium plan. If you invite Guests as members of teams, they will not count towards your plan either. However, if you invite Organization members (users who share your own domain) as Limited Access Members in a team they will count toward your Premium plan.

Organization Members with limited access will need to be accommodated for in your plan if you decide to upgrade to Asana Premium.

If you’d like to keep these Limited Access Members, no action is required on your part. However, if you don’t want these Limited Access Members counting towards your team total, you can easily go in and deprovision them from Asana.

To learn more about Limited Access Members, check out this article.

All Organization members will take up a paid seat on your plan on Organization level subscriptions.

Guests do not contribute toward your overall membership count when ugrading an entire Organization.

Get the power, control and tailored approach that Asana can deliver for your team or Organization by finding out more about our tiered plans.

If you have any questions about who counts toward a paid plan in Asana reach out to our sales team.

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