Guest Invite Controls

Super Admins of Enterprise Organizations or Divisions can control who can invite Organization Guests (those without a company email address) into your Asana Organization. Super Admins can select one of the three options below to decide who has the ability to invite Organization Guests:

  • Admins Only

  • Admins & Organization Members

  • Everyone (this includes both Organization Members & Guests)

If you'd like to enable one of these options for your Organization, you can do so by accessing the Admin Console and then navigating to the Security tab.

Guest Invite Controls 1

To access the Guest Invite Controls:

  1. Navigate to the Security tab from the Admin Console
  2. Under Additional Settings, click Guest Invites

Guest Invite Controls 2

From here, you need to:

  1. Select one of the Guest Invite options
  2. Click Save configuration

Once this has been enabled, those who no longer have the ability to invite Organization Guests will receive the following error message in Asana.

Guest Invite Controls

If you are not the Super Admin, you can find your Organization's admin(s) by clicking on your profile photo in the top right corner, access the Organization's settings and view the Super Admin under the General tab

who's the admin

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