Goals privacy FAQs

Who can see a private Goal?

Only the Goal owner and invited members can see a private Goal.

Who can edit a private Goal?

Only Goal members may edit a private Goal. Public Goals can be viewed by non-members but cannot be edited by them.

How do I remove myself from a private Goal?

To remove yourself, first remove yourself from the owner field (if applicable). Then, remove yourself as a member.

How do I regain access to a private Goal?

Ask the owner or another member to re-add you.

How does a private Goal appear to a user who cannot access it?

If you do not have access to the Goal, you will not be able to see it in Goals. It will not appear on the list view, on the Goal details page (as either a sub-goal or a parent Goal), or on the progress page of a project or Portfolio.

It will not be counted toward the sub-goal count of a parent Goal. You will not be able to find it by searching. If a link appears in a task or comment, you will only see “Private link” as the name of the link. If you paste in the URL, you will see an “Access Denied” screen.

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