Goals FAQs

How many Goals can be associated with one Portfolio?

Up to 10 Goals can be associated with one Portfolio.

How many projects or Portfolios can be associated with a Goal?

10 projects or Portfolios can be associated with one Goal.

Yes, Goals are discoverable through the Search bar. You must be on a Business or Enterprise tier to search for Goals.

What types of notifications will I receive for my Goals?

Notifications will be triggered in Inbox, mobile, and email for the following:

Goal Owners will receive a notification when:

  • You were added as an Owner
  • You were removed as an Owner
  • The due date is changed
  • You were added as a collaborator
  • The status of the Goal was changed

Collaborators will receive a notification when:

  • You were added as a collaborator
  • The status of the Goal was changed

Team members do not receive notifications, unless they are added as the owner or a collaborator. Anyone who wants to get updates on Goals should be added as a collaborator.

If you made the change that triggers a notification, you do not receive a notification.

Are Goals accessible on Android and IOS?

Yes, Goals are available in a view-only state on Android and IOS. View-only means the Goals can't be edited or altered on the mobile version of Asana. To edit or change a Goal, please use the desktop version of Asana.

I don't have Asana Business, can I still access Goals?

Non-business users will not be able to access Goals, though they can be added as an owner or collaborator.

Goals in Workspaces

Goals are also available for Workspaces that have Asana Business. As Workspaces operate as one team, there isn't the ability to toggle between multiple teams from your Goal's list view. All Goals will be added at the Workspace level.

If you remove the team from your Goal in your Goal's list view, you can easily find it again by using the Search bar.

What happens if I delete a team my Goals are housed under?

Deleting the team will not delete the Goals, as Goals are housed at an Organizational level. This means that if you delete your team, you can still search for your Goals using the Search bar.

However, it is recommended that any Goals assigned to the team are reassigned to another appropriate team before deletion. This will allow you to filter the goals using the newly assigned team for easier navigation.

Who can add or edit the company’s mission statement?

Adding or editing the company’s mission statement can only be done by Organization Admins which include Super Admins, Division Admins, Workspace Admins but not Team Billing Owners.

How can I add or edit my company’s mission statement?

If you are an Organization Admin, you can do this by navigating to the Goals section in your sidebar and clicking on the Company tab.

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