Super Admin Verification


To protect the security and privacy of your company’s data within Asana, we require the first Super Admin in an Organization to complete a verification process. This involves demonstrating the ability to modify the DNS records associated with the domains associated with your company’s Asana. Specifically, we will ask you to add a TXT record in a way that does not impact the operation of your website but does prove your ownership.

In Organizations, only the first user wishing to become Super Admin must undergo this verification process. That Super Admin can then add additional Super Admins. DNS records can be deleted after verification.

For free Organizations with paid Divisions, each user wishing to become a Super Admin must go through verification independently.

Adding the first Super Admin

add first super admin

To add your Organization’s first Super Admin, click the Add a Super Admin button in the Admin Access section of your Security page in the Admin Console.

Super Admin verification

verify super admin

  1. You will then receive instructions via email, similar to the above, from Asana, which will request that you add a DNS TXT record to one of the Domains associated with your company’s Asana. The email from Asana will outline the steps you’ll need to complete.
  2. Once you’ve updated the DNS records, you will need to wait for the changes to become visible, which may take up to 48 hours but often happens much faster.
  3. Once the DNS changes are visible, use the link from the email you received to return to the Admin Console. Reopen the Admin Access section of the Security page and click on Check Verification.
  4. If you have successfully updated the DNS records, you will be promoted to Super Admin.

If unsuccessful, you will be shown an error message and a link to contact our support page. Verification attempts expire after one week.

Super Admin permissions

You can learn more about Admin and Super Admin roles and permissions in our Admin Roles article.

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