Search on iOS

Use search to find taskstasks, projectsprojects, messages, tagstags, or people in your Workspace or Organization.

Tap the magnifying glass icon to open up the search window.

Start typing to look for tasks, projects, messages, tags, or people in your Workspace or Organization.

When searching, the results will display:

  • ProjectsProjects - select a project to view its corresponding list of tasks
  • TasksTasks - select a task to view its details  
  • messages - select a message to view its details  
  • TagsTags - select a tag to view its corresponding list of tasks
  • people - select a person to view their My Tasks  

Advanced Search

Advanced Search filters help you quickly find the specific project, task, message, team (or more!) that you’re looking for, so you can stay focused on the most important work. These filters enable you to add additional guardrails to your search to narrow the results, such as tasks, projects, people, teams, tags, and messages. You also have access to ‘quick filters’ or ‘shortcuts’ that apply filters to your search automatically.

welcome iOS

After you type in a search term, apply one of the advanced filters to narrow the results. Then, if desired, select additional filters to narrow the results even further. In this example the user has chosen to search ‘marketing’ and apply a filter to search only tasks.

welcome iOS

Then, they apply an ‘in-project’ filter to search only within their Fall ‘21 Marketing Creative project.

iOS Spotlight Search

You can also search for your Asana data using your iOS phone's native search without having to access the app itself.

Spotlight search

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