Lists on iOS

Tap the square list icon in the lower right side of the app to access projectsprojects, starsstars, or recentsrecents in the Workspace or Organization you are viewing.

Tap any list from this view to see its corresponding tasks.


From the Favorites tab, you will see all your starsstars listed above your recentsrecents.

View All Projects

To see all the projects in your Workspace or Organization, tap the All tab.

In Organizations, the All list is organized by Teams. Only Teams you can access will appear in this list.

Add Project Members

Add project Members

To add someone to a project in your Workspace or Organization, open a project and tap the information icon.

tap + icon

From here, tap the + button next to the members list.

Enter name

Finally, type in the name of the person you wish to add in the Name field.

Project Calendar

iOS project actions

Tap the name of the item you're currently viewing, directly underneath the project name. For example, if you're currently viewing the task list in your project, this item will appear as Task List. From this menu you can choose to view the project's task list, Calendar, Conversations, member list and project name and description.

iOS project calendar

Select Calendar from this list to view your Project Calendar.

Team Pages

You can look up any team in your Organization by entering the team's name when using the search function on the bottom right of your screen.

Edit team

From the team page screen, you can:

  1. Edit the team description by tapping the three dot icon and then Edit Team
  2. Add new team members
  3. View and create team conversations
  4. View and create projects within this team

Manage & navigate Lists

The Asana iOS app allows you to sort and manage Lists in a variety of ways.

Sort Lists

You can sort your task lists by several parameters.

To sort your list of tasks:

  1. Swipe down to reveal sorting dropdown
  2. Select your desired sorting option

Drag & Drop

Tap and hold tasks, then drag and drop them to manually order your tasks.

Drag & Drop is only possible when the list is sorted by priority.

Swipe to Complete

Swipe a task left to mark it completecomplete.

If you have the Celebrations Hack enabled, you may see a narwhal jet triumphantly across your screen after completing a task.

View Task Details

Tap any task's name to view or edit its details.

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