Inbox on iOS

InboxInbox is your personal notification center in Asana.

Tap the bell icon to open up your Inbox and view all of your stories.

The orange circle indicates that there are new notifications.

Managing notifications in your Inbox

There are 3 actions you can take on Inbox notifications.

From Inbox, you can:

  1. FollowFollow the task or Conversation
  2. CommentComment on the task or Conversation
  3. Archive the notification

Create Follow-Up Tasks

Inbox Follow-Up Tasks allow users to get updates from their team and respond in real-time, straight from your Inbox.

Follow Up Task

To create a follow-up task swipe left on your Inbox notification. A bottom draw with appear with the option to the Create follow-up task, Mark as unread or to Archive this notification.

View Details

Tap any notification in Inbox to view the corresponding tasktask or ConversationConversation details.

View Archived Stories

If your Inbox is empty, you can view the Inbox stories you've archived.

With an empty Inbox tap Show Archived to load your archived notifications.

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