iOS basics

With Asana for iOS, you can organize your tasks for the day and communicate with your team from anywhere.

Download the Asana app for your iPhone & iPad from the App Store.

You can access your My Tasks, projects, Messages, Inbox, Search, and Quick Add amongst others from your iOS device. The web and iOS apps update in real-time, so your tasks and conversations sync automatically no matter what device you’re using.

Asana's mobile app is only compatible with iOS 13 or later.

Signing up to Asana

welcome iOS

When you first open the app, you can:

  1. Sign Up for a new account
  2. Log In to your existing account

Sign up for an account

If you are using Asana for the very first time you can sign up for an account from the iOS app.

sign up to Asana

Log in to your account

If you already have an account, you can log into your account on the iOS app exactly like you would on desktop.

Logging in with Google SSO

You can use your Google credentials to log into Asana via Google SSO.

log in with Google SSO

Logging in with your email address

To log in with your email address, enter the desired email address.

login with email one

From here you can choose to have a magic link emailed to you or type in your password manually.

login with email two


If you're signing up for an Asana account under a corporate email domain, you will be either prompted to create a team in your new Organization or if there is already an Organization set up, you can request to join existing teams within this Organization.

Create new team

Create a team in a new Organization:

Once you've signed up to Asana under a corporate domain and have created an Organization, you will be prompted to create a new team. Once you've entered the team name, tap the Next icon on the top right of the screen.

Joining an Org

Joining an existing Organization:

Once you've signed up to Asana under a corporate domain and there is already an Organization associated with it, you can request to join existing teams withing this Organization. Once you've selected the appropriate teams to join, tap the Next icon at the top of the screen.

An email domain can only be associated with one Organization at a time, although it is possible to have multiple domains associated with one Organization.

Login via SAML

If you are a Member of an Enterprise Organization with SAML enabled, you can login by tapping Log In and only entering your email address while leaving the password field empty. This will redirect you to your company's IDP login page or app.

Enter with Google

Tap Enter with Google to login via Google SSO. You can login using any Google account associated to your iOS device.

Login via 1Password

You will also have the option to use 1Password to log into Asana, providing you have the app installed on your iOS device.

Badges and notifications

The badge icon for Asana is the red number above the Asana icon on your iOS device; it indicates the number of new Inbox messages across all of your Organizations, Workspaces, and Personal Projects.

iOS badges and notifications

If you wish to adjust badge counts or notifications:

  • Tap Settings on your device
  • Tap Notification Center
  • Scroll down
  • Tap Asana
  • Toggle the options on to control where you'd like Asana notifications to appear on your iOS device


You can use the Asana share extension to share content from your iOS device like weblinks, text, or images as you browse the web.

To do this the first time:

  • While viewing another app, pull up the share tray
  • Tap More
  • Select Asana
  • Tap Asana after it's been added

If you don't see Asana as an option after enabling it, then we don't support sharing for that content.

Using Asana Offline

You can use Asana for iOS offline to check your notifications, comment on tasks and conversations, change due dates or assignees, and complete tasks on the go.

Use Asana offline to:

  • Create tasks, conversations, or projects
  • Assign tasks
  • Set due dates
  • Add or remove Collaborators
  • Add or remove tags
  • Add or remove tasks from projects
  • Complete tasks
  • Delete tasks
  • Change the order of tasks in projects or My Tasks
  • Like tasks, conversations, or notifications
  • Add or delete comments
  • Invite teammates
  • Archive or unarchive stories in your Inbox

Asana offline iOS

When you create a task or comment offline, you’ll see a banner at the bottom of your app letting you know “Asana is offline.”

For larger actions such as creating or editing tasks, subtasks, projects, or comments, a light grey cloud icon will appear next to those which have not been synced. This means that they are currently only visible to you. When you are online, these changes will sync and your entire team will be able to see the updated tasks, projects, and conversations.

You can also quickly add a task offline. A New Task button will appear at the top of any list in the app. Add a task, tap your device’s enter button, then start typing your next task.

A tally at the bottom of the app counts the actions you’ve performed offline. When you're online again, the pending number will count down until all your updates are live in Asana and the grey cloud icons will disappear.

Tasks and conversations within a project that have never been opened on your app before will not be visible offline, but you can add tasks to these projects while offline.

Push Notifications

If you have notifications for your iOS device turned on, you will receive push notifications for the following stories:

  • A task has been assigned to you
  • A task you've been assigned and/or collaborating on has a comment posted
  • A task you've been collaborating on is marked as complete
  • A task you've been assigned is due (sent around midnight on the day of the task's due date)
  • A Conversation or status update is posted in a Team or Workspace that you belong to
  • An attachment has been added to work you're collaborating on

When you select the Asana icon from the top of your phone to see your notifications, you will find them batched. Pinch and expand to see more info, or tap through to your Asana Inbox.

By default, push notifications are turned on.

Managing your push notifications

To access your push notification controls, tap on the Push icon from your account tab.

push notification controls 1

From the next screen, you can toggle on and off the selected push notifications.

push notification controls 2

Maaf, kami tidak mendukung browser ini

Asana tidak berfungsi dengan browser internet yang saat ini dipakai. Daftar menggunakan salah satu browser yang didukung ini.