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@mentioning allows you to link people, projectsprojects, taskstasks, and ConversationsConversations from any description or commentcomment field in Asana.

Use @mention to link to other tasks, projects, teams, or Conversations in the notes, or to draw a teammate's attention to a comment by linking to their name.

@ mentioning

To @mention:

Type @, then start typing the name of a task, project, Conversation, or person.

When you @mention someone in a task or conversation, they are automatically added as a collaborator and receive an Inbox notification.

Rich text

Use the following keyboard shortcuts to format your text:

Italics⌘I Ctrl-I
• Bulleted Lists⌘⇧8Ctrl-Shift-8* text
1. Numbered Lists⌘⇧7Ctrl-Shift-71. text
Indent your list⌘]Ctrl-]
Outdent your list⌘[Ctrl-[

If you would prefer not to use keyboard shortcuts, you can also format your text by clicking on the rich text toolbar when entering a task description or commenting on a task.

rich text toolbar

is the Command/Apple key on macOS, Ctrl is the Control key on Windows.

If you're using numbered or bulleted lists, you can also increase or decrease the list indent according to your preference.

Indent Increase

Indent Decrease


Emojis are supported everywhere in Asana. They can be added to project & task titles, descriptions, comments and Conversations. You can either copy and paste an emoji into the appropriate field, or type the emoji command into the field and the text will automatically convert into its corresponding emoji.

For example, type :smile: into the task description field and it will convert the text into .

Click here to view some great emojis

ASCII emoticons are supported and will automatically convert into emojis.

supported fields

Appreciation stickers

Appreciation stickers are a way to empower users to collaborate on tasks. They're animated and illustrated characterizations that users can add via the emoji-picker. These stickers are a great way to give recognition and kudos to teammates and collaborators.


You can access Appreciation stickers through task comment by clicking on the Appreciations icon picker.

access stickers

Show your appreciation and recognition of a task action with a range of animated or illustrated stickers.

Users can communicate with hyperlinks in Asana. You can add a link to a task description through the Insert link button and in task comment through the rich text button. Asana users can link to relevant projects, tasks and documents.

insert link

Insert Link:

  1. Head to the Task description and navigate to the Insert link icon
  2. Click Insert link

Add Description and URL:

add description

After you click Insert link a two-line pop up frame will enable you to describe your link in line 1 by adding a Title and add your URL in line 2.

Where to add your URL:

  1. Give your link a Title
  2. Add your link

Link when you Comment:

link to comment

You can add a link via a task comment through the rich text button.

Where to add a URL when you Comment:

  1. When you want to add a link click on the Formatting button
  2. Click on the link icon to insert link

You can then add a title and your URL.

You can also use the keyboard shortcut: ⌘-K (Mac) and Ctrl-K (Windows) to link important content to text

Supported fields

The following fields support @mention, rich text, and emojis:

  • Task DescriptionTask Description
  • Task commentscommentsBeri komentar pada tugas atau percakapan untuk menawarkan bantuan, menjawab pertanyaan, dan membantu membuat kemajuan pekerjaan.
  • Project DescriptionsProject Descriptions
  • Project statusstatusCara menginformasikan progres proyek kepada anggota proyek. Status meliputi warna (merah, kuning, hijau) dan ringkasan singkat. updates
  • Body of a ConversationConversation
  • Conversation comments

Paste link shortcut

If a URL is already on your clipboard, if you select some text and type Cmd+V, the selected text will turn into a link.

Toggle monospace formatting

If you select some text and then type backtick (`) the text will then be formatted as monospace.

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