Toolbar & Header UI Changes

We have updated the way information is displayed in the header of your projects - with more visible controls for viewing, sorting, and filtering tasks, adding Custom Fields, and viewing project activity.

Our team will continue to make updates to Asana that will make it easier for all users to access projects, views, and information that's most important to them, and we are using this change to the project header as a starting point.



When viewing a project, you can now:

  1. Show only incomplete, completed or all tasks
  2. Filter your tasks by assignee, due date or Custom Fields
  3. Sort your tasks by due dates, assignees, likes etc.
  4. Share the view with others
  5. Customize your project with Custom Fields, rules and more

Project View

Now, you can find the following tabs in your project:

  • Overview
  • List
  • Board
  • Timeline
  • Calendar
  • Workflow
  • Dashboard
  • Messages
  • Files



You now have additional filtering options from the project view.

Filtering 1

Click the filter icon and select one of the quick filters available - Just my tasks, Due this week, Due next week or create your own custom filter.

custom filter

If you opt to create a custom filter, you can filter by:

  1. Assignee
  2. Due date (tasks due Before today, Today, Tomorrow, This week, Next week or within the next 14 days)
  3. Created by
  4. Created on
  5. Last modified on
  6. Completed on
  7. Custom Fields and drop-down values

Project actions layout

We've also made some design changes to our project actions menu to make it easier to make updates and changes to your project.

project options

Click the arrow icon next to a project title to access the project actions drop-down.

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