eDiscovery Resource Center

Asana recognizes that, from time to time, customers may need to collect data from the Asana platform in connection with legal, human resources, or compliance related use cases. This can arise in the context of electronic discovery (“eDiscovery”), which refers to the process in legal proceedings such as litigation or government investigations where information is sought in electronic format.

This page is intended to provide Asana customers with a centralized location of current information related to collecting data from the Asana platform in the context of eDiscovery.

How to export data

The Asana admin console offers Asana admins a way to export all of the data in your organization as a JSON file. Please see the instructions here to follow the steps for that process.

How to get attachments

The domain export feature available in the admin console does not directly export attachments from Asana (for example, an attachment to a task). To export attachments, please follow the “Get an attachment” instruction from Asana’s API page, found here.

Third party services

Asana is also aware that third parties have developed functionality to assist with the eDiscovery process. While you may find these useful, Asana cannot recommend or endorse these parties as complete eDiscovery solutions because Asana has not partnered with them for these purposes.


If you have questions about this eDiscovery Resource Center, please reach out to your Customer Success team contact or support@asana.com.

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