Inbox on Android

Inbox is your notification center for Asana. Your Inbox displays updates on all projects you're a member of and tasks that you collaborate on or are assigned within a given Workspace or Organization.

Accessing your Inbox

To get to your Inbox, tap on the Inbox icon from your Home screen.

Accessing Inbox

The orange dot indicates that there are new notifications in your Inbox.

Inbox overview

Inbox overview

From your Inbox, you can:

  1. Expand all
  2. Filter your Inbox by All, @mentioned, Assigned to me or Assigned by me
  3. Tap the three dot icon to view more options

Create follow-up tasks

Inbox follow-up tasks allow users to get updates from their team and respond in real-time, straight from your Inbox.

Follow Up Task

To create a follow-up task swipe left on your Inbox notification. Click on More. You'll be able to Create follow-up task, Mark as unread or Archive this notification.

View task or conversation details

Tap on any task or conversation to view its details.

view details

From the task details page, you can:

  1. Mark the task as complete
  2. Tap to like the task
  3. Share the task
  4. Tap the three dot icon to view more details

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