Asana Live Trainings

Register for an Asana webinar to learn from Asana customers and our Customer Success team. Once registered, you'll receive an email with details and a unique login link for the presentation. Each teammate interested in attending should register separately. **Note that the Asana Basics trainings are conducted in English, German and Japanese. All other trainings are conducted in English.

Asana Basics

This training will cover the basics of task management including how to create projects and tasks in Asana and how to keep your team updated. This training is also available on demand

Structure your work in Asana

Find out how to build effective projects and processes to organize your team's work. And stop asking “am I doing this right?” If you've aced the basics, this webinar is the next step. This training is also available on demand

Asana Advanced

This session is designed for individuals and teams who are familiar with the basics of Asana and want to leverage Premium features to maximize productivity. This training is also available on demand

Roll out Asana to your team

Now that you’ve mastered the basics of Asana, you’re ready to supercharge your team’s work. But how do you get everyone else on board? If you’re spearheading the implementation of Asana in your team or company, this workshop is for you! This training is also available on demand

Live Q&A

No matter where your team is working from, the Asana team wants to support your efforts to stay connected and clear on priorities. Join us for an open Q&A hosted by our Customer Success team.

Other live events

Want to attend our events on and offline? Check out this events page to register for Asana Together World Tour trainings, meet ups, webinars, and more.

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