Use integrations

Integrating Asana with other tools your team uses can be a very effective way of getting your team excited and comfortable with Asana. Teammates might be more willing to fully adopt Asana when they can see how it fits within their current systems and workflows. Integrations make it even simpler to track all your work in Asana and save time.

Using integrations

There are lots of Asana integrations for general use, as well as ones for more specific teams or workflows. You can browse all Asana integrations, but below are a few recommendations that your team might find valuable right away.

File sharing

It’s easy to attach files from your computer to any Asana task (just drag and drop them into the task). In addition, you can attach files from your favorite file-sharing tools, so your team always has the latest version of a file—right there with the work that it’s related to.

The following file management tools are already built in to Asana. First, make sure you have granted Asana permission to access your account. Then, to attach a file directly from any of these tools, just click the paperclip icon and select the tool you want to use.

Attach a file from your computer or a file sharing tool

If you want to see all of the files attached to tasks in a project, use Files View.


Integrating Asana with your favorite messaging apps for work lets you pull Asana updates into your chat threads. Make your conversations actionable by translating work requests and comments into Asana tasks directly.

  • Slack—Get notified in a Slack channel of your choice when a task is created, completed, or commented on. Or, you can use the slash command /asana to create, assign, mark complete, or comment on a task.

Use Asana and Slack together

  • Hipchat—Receive notifications in a specific room when tasks are created, assigned, commented on, or have new attachments.

Use Asana and Hipchat together

Google Integrations

Using Google Cloud with Asana is a great way to easily connect your work across different G Suite apps, and track it in Asana.

  • Log in with Google SSO—Use Google SSO to log in to Asana.
  • Sync to Google Calendar—Sync tasks from a project to your Google Calendar so you never miss a deadline.
  • Send tasks to Asana from Gmail—Create tasks by forwarding emails from Gmail to My Tasks or a specific Asana project.
  • A direct link to Asana from Gmail—In your Gmail inbox, click the View Task button on Asana notification emails to jump directly to that task in Asana.
  • Create reports with Google Sheets—In-depth reporting with a direct sync between your projects in Asana and Google Sheets.
  • Pull responses from Google Forms—Automatically create tasks in Asana from Google Forms responses.
  • Send web pages to Asana from Chrome—Quickly and easily create tasks in Asana from any web page in Chrome.

Enhancing Asana

Other applications can help you get even more out of Asana to help you with planning, reporting, and time tracking.

  • Instagantt—Sync Instagantt with Asana to create Gantt charts, schedule tasks on a timeline, set start dates, and plan projects.
  • Zapier—Zapier connects to hundreds of other apps you use to send tasks to Asana automatically without creating work or duplicating information.
  • Weekdone—With Weekdone, you can create reports and dashboards to see your team’s Asana performance via task completion ratios, number of open and completed tasks by teammate, incomplete tasks, and more.
  • Harvest—The Harvest timer can be added directly to the task pane in Asana so you can track time spent on any task. Freelancers, contractors, or small businesses can translate those hours into invoices and show exactly what work was done.

Using Asana with tools you already love makes tracking your work even simpler. And when you can get things done and hit your goals with your team, work feels a little less like “work.”

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