Planning with Asana calendar

What’s on your calendar for today? This week? This month? If you can’t readily see your schedule and deadlines, things can slip through the cracks, or you can get overloaded. With Asana, you can see tasks and projects on a calendar to help you manage your time, workload, and deadlines.

There are a few different Calendar Views in Asana. You can see your personal task list, any project, and all your team’s projects in calendar format.

See your schedule

You might be used to seeing My Tasks as a list, but you can also see all of your tasks on a calendar, too. Whether you’re coming in on Monday morning, or wrapping up at month end, Calendar View helps you stay on top of deadlines and visualize your workload for the day, week, or month. The next time a teammates asks if you have bandwidth, double check your calendar in My Tasks.

Use Calendar View in My Tasks to see all your work on a calendar

To see My Tasks in Calendar View:

  1. Start in My Tasks.
  2. Click Calendar in the header.

Tips for My Tasks calendar:

  • If you prefer to see all your tasks in Calendar View, set it as your default view.
  • Create new tasks by double clicking on the due date you want. Or mark tasks complete by hovering over them on their due date and clicking on the check mark that appears.
  • If a particular day looks crowded, you can move due dates by dragging and dropping the tasks to a new date.

Drag and drop tasks to move them around on your calendar in Asana

See a project’s schedule

View any project on a calendar to keep track of deadlines and make sure you’re on schedule. Project managers can easily see what’s done and what might be at risk. Completed tasks are also visible in the calendar so you can spend less time sitting in status update meetings and pinging teammates about whether or not something is done.

See a project’s schedule in calendar view by clicking Calendar in the project header of any Asana project

To see a project’s Calendar View:

  1. Start in the project
  2. Click Calendar in the header.

Tips for project calendar:

  • Easily change due dates by dragging and dropping them on the calendar. Assignees will receive a notification about the change.
  • Use Calendar View for projects like editorial calendars to easily see where you have content gaps, or event and sprint planning projects to make sure deadlines are reasonably spaced out.
  • Highlight colors of tasks that are stored in multiple projects and custom field colors are visible on the calendar so you can easily assess priority, stage, and more.

See custom field values by hovering over them in Calendar View of Asana

See your team’s schedule

You also have a team calendar as part of your overall team page in Asana. The team calendar shows all tasks within your team’s public projects on a calendar. You’ll be able to make more realistic plans for your team’s new and upcoming work and get a feel for what they’re currently working on in one view.

See your entire team’s calendar by clicking Team Calendar in the sidebar of Asana

To see a Team Calendar:

  1. Click the team’s name in the sidebar.
  2. Click Team Calendar.

Tips for team calendar:

  • Check your team calendar during a planning period. You can better visualize when current projects will wrap up and when new work could start.
  • Get an at-a-glance view of your team’s overall bandwidth at any given time. You’ll spend less time in check-in meetings or trying to gauge this based on email chains, chats, and other communications.

Follow along with How to Asana

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Stay on schedule, and know what’s next for you and your team to tackle with Asana’s Calendar View.

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