Learn about Asana Business features

Regardless of your time and experience with Asana, our Business plan is intended for teams looking to plan, manage, and monitor work across their entire company. It has more robust features for project managers, portfolio leads, and management to best allocate resources and understand progress towards big objectives. Check out the features and benefits of Business below.

Asana Business features*

In addition to all Asana Premium features, here’s what you get with an Asana Business plan:

  • Goals—Set, track, and manage company goals while connecting it to work to achieve it for a single source of truth for leads, executives, and individuals.
  • Portfolios—Organize strategic initiatives into Portfolios to monitor the status, timelines, and teammate workloads across projects.
  • Workload—Asana’s resource management feature provides a single view of team bandwidth and helps you make informed staffing decisions and rebalance workloads if needed.
  • Proofing—Give clear feedback by leaving comments directly on images or PDFs that turn into tasks for easy tracking.
  • Approvals—Request and give approvals on work in Asana.
  • Rules—Add rules to automate manual processes like triaging, assigning tasks, updating Asana fields, and more. Business customers can create custom rules, use conditional logic, and have access to more preset rule options.
  • Data control—Control who can edit custom field values across all projects, so you can track all information consistently within your organization.
  • Salesforce integration—Drive better collaboration throughout your sales cycles by tracking follow-up work, automatically creating projects when customers reach key opportunity stages, and more.

Get started with a free Business trial today to start testing out features.

Want to see some of these features in action? Check out our Asana Business on-demand webinar.

How do I know if Business is right for us?

Every organization is different, and the benefits of Asana Business can be harnessed by teams small and large, whether they’re just starting or have used Asana for a while. Here are a few key indicators you’ll need Business:

  • If you are a project manager, team lead, or department head using Asana to plan and manage work
  • If you are part of a marketing or creative team, sales team, or operations team
  • If you have work that needs to be reported on to executives
  • If you are responsible for planning and managing your team’s workload and schedule
  • If you plan on using Asana company-wide* or cross-functionally
  • If you need to understand how major projects are progressing towards KPI’s and objectives

*Larger teams, entire organizations, or those looking for even more powerful Asana features, security, and support options should consider our Enterprise offering.

How to upgrade

If you’re already using Asana, click the upgrade button in the top right corner. You can also check out our pricing page and upgrade from there.

If you’re the one that upgrades, you’ll automatically become the admin for your team or organization, but you can always make someone else the admin later.

Still have questions before you upgrade? Start a Business trial or contact our sales team. We’re ready to answer any questions you have to make sure that Business is right for you!

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