Work on the go

Whether you travel frequently for business or just are away from your desk often, having an easy way to check in on work from anywhere is essential to getting things done. Track your work on the go with Asana for iOS and Android devices and stay in sync with your team. Keep reading below for an overview, and check out our iOS and Android Help pages for specific how-tos.

Asana for mobile

Asana for mobile is the best way to track your work on the go

Here are a few ways you can use Asana to get more done, even when you’re away from your desk:

1. Sync work across devices

Updates you make to any project or task sync automatically across your web and mobile apps. For example, when you complete a task in Asana’s iOS or Android app, it will be marked complete for any teammates viewing it on their computers.

Both Android and iOS users can also work offline.

2. Get updates automatically

Track your work in Asana for iOS    Track your work in Asana for Android

When teammates complete, heart, upload attachments, or have conversations on the tasks and projects you’re following, you’ll get notifications in your iOS or Android Inbox. For any Inbox notifications, you’ll also receive a push notification on your mobile device. You won’t miss important information even if you’re not at your desk.

3. Review your tasks

Review your Asana tasks on iOS    Review your Asana tasks on Android

When you open Asana on your iOS or Android device, you can see everything assigned to you in My Tasks and start planning your day. You’ll see your My Tasks list when you first open up the app, with any new tasks assigned to you at the top. You can drag and drop tasks between Today and Upcoming. With a coffee in hand, you can assess your priorities for the day in a few short minutes.

You can use iOS or Android widgets to see My Tasks marked Today.

4. Capture tasks and information on the go

Create Asana tasks on iOS    Create Asana tasks on Android

Like on desktop, you can use Quick AddQuick Add The Quick Add button sits in the top bar and is a orange circle with a white plus sign on it. Read more in our iOS and Android apps. Just tap the + button at the bottom of your screen to create new tasks for yourself or to add tasks and conversations to projects. You can also add links and attachments to your tasks. The next time a great idea comes to you on a cab ride to the airport, quickly add a task in Asana so you remember to follow up!

5. Search for your team’s work

Search for Asana tasks, projects, and conversations on iOS

Search for Asana tasks, projects, and conversations on Android

On mobile, it’s easy to search for specific tasks, projects, conversations, and teammates so you can find what you need on the go. Just tap the magnifying glass icon at the top right of the app on iOS or Android.

Get started with How to Asana

Watch How to Asana to get started with Asana for iOS or Android.

Work smarter, anywhere

To ensure you always have access to your work in Asana, be sure to download Asana for iOS and Android. For more specifics on Asana’s mobile functionality, read our iOS and Android Help pages.**

To get the most out of Asana on your mobile devices, use it together with Asana’s web app so you can track work anytime, anywhere.

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