Managing remote teams with Flatbook


Managing remote teams with Flatbook


Lucas Pellan

Lucas is the co-founder and chief operating officer of Flatbook. He leads the company’s day to day operations to ensure execution of Flatbook’s vision. Lucas has championed Asana within his team since 2014. He has helped to build out many of the processes that they use in Asana today.

Goals for Asana

  • Flatbook uses Asana to manage all of their many remote teams
  • Never use email for internal communications

Best practices

  • Have a clear plan for how communication should work in your organization. Flatbook created a “How we work” document that explains how they set OKRs, how they use Asana, and their philosophy towards email (never email)
  • Make it easy for current team members and new hires to follow your communications plan. Flatbook created a handy flow chart to clarify where and how you should communicate with colleagues. Having an easy to follow source of truth on this allows the existing Flatbook team to better manage their attention and makes it easier for new team members to come onboard
  • Have every team member commit to checking Asana at least once every 24 hours

Use cases

Internal Resources

Flatbook uses an Internal Resources project for each team. This project acts as an internal knowledge base for each Flatbook team and gives everyone a single place to find what they are looking for. For example, all the contract templates for Flatbook’s operations team can be easily found in the Operations Resources project.

Start building your own internal knowledge base in Asana.

Meeting Agenda

Lucas and the Flatbook team keep all their meeting agendas in Asana. Organizing meetings in Asana allows attendees to get notified of any new agenda items before the meeting so everyone can come prepared and easily create action items.

Learn how to create a meeting Agenda in Asana here.

Shared Weekly Briefs agenda project

Flatbook shares one meeting agenda project for their weekly briefs across all teams. Each team has a section in the project. This gives everyone easy visibility for what is happening across the company that week.

Requests and ideas

Every team at Flatbook has a Requests and ideas project. This is a place where people on other teams in the company can make requests of or submit ideas for your team. Request and ideas projects makes collaboration and information sharing across functions and departments simple and seamless.

Create a requests project for your team using these instructions.

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