Creating Organizations

Create an Organization in one of the following three ways. Many will need to use the Contact Us option.

Please proceed with caution. Creating an Organization will affect everyone in Asana who uses an email address from your company.

Be the first from your company to sign up

Sign up for a new Asana account with your company email address and we will automatically create an Organization for you, based on your email domain.

This is not true in all cases. If you sign up this way and you do not end up in an Organization, see “Contact Us” below.

Convert your existing Workspace to an Organization

If you have multiple email domains, do not convert them both - skip to the “Contact Us” step.

To convert on your own (not everyone will see this option):

  • Hover over the Workspace name in the left pane
  • Click the Settings icon
  • Select Convert to Organization

If you do not see this option, see “Contact Us” below.

Contact us

Contact the Asana Support team if:

  • You have a company email address and want an Organization
  • You have an Organization and want to merge old Workspaces into it

When you fill out the support form, please provide the following information:

  • The name of your Organization or your largest/most active company Workspace
  • The names of the Workspaces you want to move into your Organization (only list Workspaces that belong to your company. Do not list Workspaces belonging to contractors or companies you contract for)
  • Your email domain

Copy this text to speed up the process:

Primary Org/Workspace:
Other Company Workspaces (that you want as Teams in your new Organization):
Email domain:

After you write in with the pertinent information, we will:

  • Convert your largest Workspace into an Organization
  • Migrate your other Workspaces into the Organization

The Workspaces will become Teams in the Organization.