Understanding Workspaces

Asana accountsaccountsWhen someone first joins Asana, they start with an account. Only a single user can access an account.Read more are free and tied to individuals; Asana accounts grant access to shared Workspaces and OrganizationsOrganizationsOrganizations connect everyone in a company using Asana based on a shared email domain.Read more to collaborate with other Asana users.

With a single Asana account, you can create or join multiple Workspaces & Organizations to collaborate with various groups of Asana users; these Workspaces and Organizations you belong to are their own separate entities, each with their own unique set of people, projects, and tasks.

Since each Workspace and Organization are their own separate entities, your colleagues cannot see the other Workspaces or Organizations you belong to, nor can you see the other Workspaces & Organizations your colleagues may belong to. Learn more about privacy between these spaces here.

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Learn more about the permission settings of your projects & tasks within each of your Workspaces & Organizations here.  

What is a Workspace?

A Workspace is a collection of people that collaborate on projects and tasks. Workspaces can be used by any group of people and do not require a common company email domain.

People who create an Asana account with a personal email address (i.e. @gmail.com or @yahoo.com) will start off with a Workspace.

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If you have a company email domain, consider using an Organization instead.

People in your Workspace

There are two types of people in a Workspace: Workspace Members and Limited Access Members. Workspace Members have full access to your Workspace, while Limited Access Members are limited to the projects, tasks, and conversations explicitly shared with them.

Workspace Members

Workspace Members have full access to all public projects, tasks, and conversations in your Workspace.

All Workspace Members can:

  • Rename the Workspace
  • Upgrade the Workspace to a paid plan
  • Become Billing Owner of the paid Workspace
  • Invite or remove people from the Workspace
  • Convert people to Members or Limited Access Members

Limited Access Members

Limited Access Members are people with restricted access to your Workspace. Limited Access Members will only see projects you share with them. You might invite contractors, clients, or other third parties as Limited Access Members, giving them access to relevant projects and tasks without giving them access to everything in your Workspace.

Limited Access Members cannot:

  • Rename the Workspace
  • Upgrade the Workspace to a paid plan
  • Become Billing Owner of the paid Workspace
  • Invite people as full Workspace Members
  • Remove people
  • Convert people to Members or Limited Access Members

Limited Access Members can:

  • Create new projects and tasks
  • Edit the projects and tasks that have been shared with them
  • Invite other Limited Access Members
  • Compose Messages

There are no Guests in Workspaces.

Identifying Members and Limited Access Members

Identifying Members

From the Members tab on your left sidebar you can:

  1. See an overview of membership status
  2. Select Limited Access Members
  3. Select Remove to remove Members
  4. Invite Members to join

Workspace Members can also convert any Member into a Limited Access Member, or vice versa from this window.

Join an existing Workspace

In order to join a Workspace, you have to request a Member to invite you in.  

Leave a Workspace

You can leave a Workspace if you are no longer actively collaborating with the Workspace Members.

Once you leave, you will not have any access to projects or tasks in the Workspace and the Workspace will no longer appear when you click your profile picture, but the Workspace will continue to exist.

leave workspace

Leave a Workspace

  1. Click your profile photo
  2. Click More
  3. Select Remove me from this Workspace

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