Switching Between List & Board View

Asana is adding the ability to switch between list and boards projects, so you can seamlessly switch between all views.

Please note, this process requires us to update each existing Asana project and therefore will be released to customers over the next few months. While each project is being transitioned, it will temporarily be in comment-only mode.

Switching between List & Board View

Once you have the ability to switch between lists and boards, you can create a project in a list or board, and easily switch between the two as you need.


Improved Sections

Sections now act like columns, therefore do not have due dates or other data. They are a container of the tasks in that group.

Drag & Drop Sections

You can reorder your sections by drag & dropping them into place.


How to Delete a Section

You can delete your section from your project's list view.

You can also delete your section by deleting your column in your project's board view.

delete section

To delete a Section:

  1. Click on the three dot icon next to your section header
  2. Click Delete Section

To delete a section, you must first remove all of its complete and incomplete tasks.


Moving tasks between sections will trigger notifications.


Notifications will be suppressed when tasks change sections if the project default view is list.

CSV Export and Import

Once your List view project has the ability to switch views, you will start seeing a new “Column” that shows the section each task is in (this is similar to how Boards works). Your lists will no longer convert any tasks with a “:” into sections.


As we update your projects to have the option to switch between lists and boards, projects with over 10,000 tasks will not be upgraded at this time. You will see a banner on these specific projects letting you know you are unable to switch between lists and boards.

What happened to my previous sections?

If you had sections with metadata (subtasks, dates, description) we turned those into tasks under the section to preserve our customers data. Since sections now act like columns, they no longer can have that information.

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