Celebration Creatures

When you collaborate and track work with your team, you deserve to celebrate with ours. From Display in My Settings you can choose to show occasional celebration creatures upon task completion, because getting your work done can (and should) be fun!

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Turn on celebrations in My Settings in Asana

From the Display tab, you can:

Show occasional celebrations upon task completion - a mythical creature will appear at random when you complete a task

Once enabled, one of our four celebration creatures (a unicorn, yeti, narwhal, or phoenix) will sometimes fly across your screen like a shooting star as you complete tasks. Celebrations are randomly generated and won't occur each time you complete a task, but the more you complete, the more they'll visit!

Watch them celebrate with you!

It's not possible to send a celebration creature to a team member, they will only appear for you.

Complete a task in Asana and perhaps a creature will appear!

Enabling occasional celebration creatures will only activate them for your account, not for others.

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