List View Redesign

We’ve made the Asana list view easier to get started and add fields to your project, giving it a more grid-like structure so it’s easy to scan what needs your attention, and added more information such as subtask count to the main view.

We'd greatly appreciate any feedback you have on the List View redesign.

List layout

New Header


From the header, you can:

  1. Access actions for the project
  2. Edit your project details
  3. Favorite the project
  4. Set a project status

Field Headers

The new field layout makes it easier to organize and categorize your work.

Field Header

Click the drop-down arrow next to your Field Header to sort, move or hide the Column.

Adding Custom Fields

Custom Fields are available for all Premium, Business and Enterprise customers.

Adding a new custom field

Add custom fields directly to your project from your toolbar.


You can also add a custom field to your project by clicking the "+" icon in your project's list view.

Toggle existing fields on and off

You can also toggle existing fields such as Assignee, Due Date, Tags or Project on or off through the Fields icon on your toolbar.


First level subtasks will have the same Custom Fields that their Parent Tasks have. Subtasks can have different Custom Field values than their Parent Task.

Sorting by Custom Field

From your project toolbar

Sort your project by custom field on your list view.


To sort your project by custom field:

  1. Click the sort icon in your project's toolbar
  2. Select your custom field


Once you've selected your sort option, click the three-dot icon on your project toolbar and click "Save layout as default" to save your view.

You can view 5 field headers for Projects in board format and 20 for Projects in list format

Sort using the caret in your Field Header

You can also sort by custom field using the caret in your project header.


Adjust your column width

You can adjust your column width at any time using drag & drop.


Summations on Sections

You can see summations on Sections for any Custom Field.


You can view up to 20 Field Headers on a project.

Subtask and Comment Count


The amount of subtasks and comments per task is now visible from list view:

  1. The amount of comments are indicated by the speech bubble icon.
  2. The amount of subtasks are indicated by the subtask icon.

The visibility of subtasks on the grid depends on which filter Incomplete/Completed/All tasks has been ticked for the project.

Viewing a task's associated projects

The new grid view contains a Field Header that you can hide or expose that shows any other projects that your tasks live in.


To show the project Field Header:

  1. Click the Fields icon in your project's toolbar
  2. Click the "Projects" toggle icon

show projects

Once enabled the projects Field Header will be visible from your project's list view.

Viewing Tags on grid view

Viewing Tags on grid

You can now view tags directly from your grid view.

add tags

How to add Tags to grid

You can now add Tags directly from your grid view.

add tags to grid

From your project’s grid view:

  1. Click on the empty Tag field

add tags option

Click on the Add a Tag option to add your Tag

Metadata Fields

Metadata Fields are available in projects in List view. Metadata Fields contain information about their respective tasks. This metadata can be used to build effective workflows to track work in your projects, and it’s also possible to sort and filter tasks by Metadata Fields.

metadata fields

Metadata Fields allow you to view the following information about tasks:

  1. Created on: The date the task was created.
  2. Created by: The user who created the task. The field remains blank for tasks created by Asana through Form submissions. For recurring tasks, the user who completes the previous instance of a task will display as the creator of the new instance.
  3. Completed on: The date the task was completed.
  4. Last modified on: The date the most recent modification was made, such as reassigning a task, changing Custom Field values, commenting on the task, or editing the description.

metadata fields toggle

Metadata Fields can be toggled on or off individually from within the Customize menu.

  1. Click the Customize button to open up the menu
  2. Toggle individual Metadata Fields on or off

metadata fields filter

It is possible to filter by Metadata Fields in List view. The example shows tasks filtered by a specific creator.

metadata fields sort

It is also possible to sort by Metadata Fields in List view. The example shows tasks sorted by creation date.

The data shown in Metadata Fields cannot be edited, as they are inherited from the activity log of their respective tasks.

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