Start dates

Add a start date to your tasks and projects so you know when to start your work, how long it should take, and never miss another due date.

Add a date range to a task

To add a date range to your task, click on the date picker in any task. Then click Add date range.

dange range 1

Next, add your date range to the task.

date range 2

Additional options

additional options

From the date picker screen, you can also:

  1. Set a Due time
  2. Set your task to repeat
  3. Clear all

multi-day task calendar

Your task date range will appear on your team and project calendar.

Your task will appear in your My Task list and populate to Today on the day you need to begin your work.

Add a date range to a project

Project start date

When inside your project:

  1. Click on the drop-down arrow
  2. Select "Edit project details"

Project start date

Enter the day you need to start working on your project as your start date. Then enter the date you need to complete this project by as your due date.

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