Read-only Links


Read-only Links are a shareable, view-only link that you can create for your Timeline, List, Calendar, and Board views in public projects within Asana Organizations. Read-only Links dynamically reflect the latest updates on projects and provide a living source of truth for all cross-functional teams to stay aligned.

Accessing the Shareable Link in Timeline View

To access the shareable link, click on the Create link icon from your project’s Timeline view.

access link

The content and URL of these Read-only links are not searchable or indexed in any search engine.

Next, click on Copy link.

access link 2

Once a shareable link is created, the Timeline will show as Link Active and the link can be shared with anyone (even non-Asana users), previewed, or deactivated.

link active

Comment-only users or project Guests cannot create Read-only Links.

Previewing your Shareable Link

Preview your link before sending to see what it will look like for recipients.

Click on Preview.

preview link 1

A window will then open showing you a preview of your link.

preview link 2

Recipients who are organization members can join the project to view task details, create new tasks, and collaborate with the team.

Deactivating your Shareable Link

You can deactivate your shareable link at any time. This makes it inaccessible to anyone with the link.

First, click Deactivate link.

deactivate link 1

Next, confirm the deactivation.

deactivate link 2

If the Read-only Timeline view is re-created, the link is refreshed meaning anyone with the old link will not be able to access it.

Accessing the Shareable Link in Calendar View

To access the shareable link, click on the Create link icon from your Calendar view. You'll then be able to copy and share the link.


Accessing the Shareable Link in Board View

Read Only links is also available in Board view. To access the shareable link, click on the Create link icon from your Board view. You'll then be able to copy and share the link.


Accessing the Shareable Link in List View

In addition to the timeline, board, and calendar view, you can now also use read-only links for list view.

To access the shareable link, navigate to the project in question and click on ‘List View’. In the right hand corner, click on the Create Link icon in the right hand corner.


This link can be viewed by any collaborators, whether or not they are Asana Members

Once you click on Create Link, the URL embedding will appear and it will automatically default to Link active.

link active

From here you have the option to:

  1. Preview the link
  2. Deactivate the link
  3. Copy the link

Previewing the List View Link

Previewing the link will offer you the option to join the project

join project

Deactivating your Shareable Link in List View

Click on deactivate link and the read-only link will be permanently deleted.


Toggling Link Sharing Permissions On and Off

Admins can access Link sharing permissions in the Security tab of their Admin Console.

admin console 1

admin console 2

Domain Admins can enable or disable Read-only Links directly in the Admin Console, whereas Division Admins will be prompted to create a Zendesk ticket for our Support team.

Billing Owners for paid team plans can contact our Support team for further clarification.

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