Portfolio status updates

Portfolios are available to all Business and Enterprise customers.


The Portfolio progress section gives you an in-depth snapshot into the status of any Portfolio you’re working on. Status reports make it easy to create rich, repeatable, actionable status updates and share your work with key stakeholders.

portfolio overview

Portfolio Progress

When you click into the Progress tab in your Portfolio, you’ll be presented with a snapshot of your Portfolio’s current progress status.

portfolio status

From the Progress View, you can:

  1. Check if the Portfolio is on track, at risk or, off track
  2. View the number of projects that are on track, at risk, off track, or the total number of projects
  3. Update your Portfolio’s status
  4. View or change the Portfolio Owner, date range, or description
  5. View or change Goals associated with the Portfolio
  6. See the most recent Status Update

How to create a Status Update

You can update your Portfolio's status at any time. The templatized block structure allows you to incorporate the actual work being done in Asana with narrative context to explain the status of work.

Creating your Status Update

status update creation

To create a new Status Update:

  1. Click the Update status icon from your Portfolio’s progress view

status update screen

From the Status Update window, you can:

  1. Add a title
  2. Fill in your Status Update details, including progress, Portfolio owner, and dates
  3. Show or hide Custom Fields
  4. Include a Summary
  5. Highlight accomplishments
  6. Outline what's blocked
  7. Drag Highlights into your update to help tell your story
  8. Once you've entered an update, click the blue Post button.

Please note that you must select a Portfolio status of on track, at risk, or off track and at least one block of text before you can post a Portfolio Status Update.

Adding Highlights to your Status Update

You can drag and drop Highlights such as projects that are on track or at risk into your Status Update to help tell your story. Adding these Highlights gives a visual insight into recent achievements or potential blockers for your team.

Once you’ve added your Highlights and published your Status Update, Asana will remember the Block structure and ordering for future updates.

highlight ordering

You can also reorder your What we’ve accomplished, What's blocked, and Next steps section by dragging and dropping them into place.

Adding charts to a Status Update

Adding charts to your Status Updates gives a visual insight into the work being done across your team. You can drag and drop your chart blocks into your Status Update.


Print or delete a Status Update

delete status

To print or delete a Status Update:

  1. Click the three dot icon beside the Status Update
  2. Click Print Status Update or Delete Status Update

You can only delete your own Portfolio Status Update, not a status posted by others.

Recent Status Updates

In the Progress tab, you can get a quick look at historical Status Updates with the dots diagram.

recent status update

Click View all to see a more complete history of your Status Updates.

Access controls

Users can add collaborators to a Status update that might not have access to the project. If this happens, a user can see all of the content of the update, but if they click on a project highlight or element they don’t have access to, their access will be blocked.

For Portfolios this means that public Portfolio Status Updates will be fully visible in the progress tab, even if users don’t have access to all projects in the Portfolio.

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