Goal Reminders

Goal Reminders are available to all Business and Enterprise customers.

Goal Reminders Overview

Goal Reminders allow goal owners to remember to keep their goals up-to-date, ensuring that their stakeholders know how goals are progressing and what the outcomes were in a timely manner.

There are three types of reminders: Goal Update Reminders, Goal Set-up Reminders and Goal Due Date Reminders.

How to configure Goal Update Reminders

Goal owners can now turn on a reminder to update their goal on a weekly, monthly, or quarterly cadence.

Reminders are only sent for goals that are not closed.

From the “Set progress metric” modal

First, click Set progress metric.

Set progress metric 1

Progress metric 2


  1. Click the drop-down arrow
  2. Select Weekly, Monthly or Quarterly

From the “Update progress” modal

First, click Update.

Update progress 1

Next, select the cadence.

Update progress 2

In the “Edit progress metric” modal

Click the drop-down arrow next to your goal title and select Edit progress metric.

edit progress metric 1

Next, set the cadence for your update reminder.

edit progress metric 2

Only goal owners can see the update reminder icon and toggle it on or off.

Cadence options for Goal Update Reminders

Update reminders will stop after the due date reminder has been sent, and/or after the due date has passed.


Goal owners receive a task each week, due Friday, to update their goal.


Goal owners receive a task once a month, due the last Friday of the month, to update their goal.


Goal owners receive a task once every three months, due the last Friday of the third month from the start date (or creation date, if they haven’t set a date range on the goal), to update their goal.

The default cadence depends on the length of the goal (determined by the date range on the goal).

Goal Set-up Reminders

For goal owners who have created a goal, but forgotten to finish setting it up with a progress metric, you will receive a task within approximately 7 days of creating the goal reminding you to add a progress metric.

  • Reminders are only sent for goals that are not closed.
  • If the due date is past or within 7 days of creation, you will not get set-up reminders or due date reminders.

set up reminder task

Goal Due Date Reminders

To help goal owners remember to close out their goal at the end of its lifecycle, you will receive a task reminding you to close and grade your goal approximately 7 days before the due date.

  • Only goal owners will receive this task.
  • It is due on the due date of your goal.
  • If the due date is within 7 days of creation or in the past, they will not receive this reminder.
  • Reminders are only sent for goals that are not closed.

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