Custom Field Notifications

Custom field notifications help to keep everyone in your project up to date on what stage work is in and what needs to happen next. It will streamline the process of getting work approved so you can quickly move work through stages to ensure you hit your deadlines.

The person who makes a change to a Custom Field will not receive a notification.

How to turn on custom field notifications

You can turn on custom field notifications at any time for both new and existing drop-down fields.

Turn on 1

Check the Notifications box when creating a new drop-down field to notify task collaborators when this field's value has been changed.

Turn on 2

To turn on notifications for an existing field:

  1. Click the Customize file
  2. Click the Fields tab
  3. Click the pencil icon to edit the field settings and check the Notifications box

Custom field notifications are only available for drop-down fields.

Once you are a task collaborator, you will receive an inbox notification every time a field value is changed.

Who will receive custom field notifications?

If a custom field is public to your Organization or team and someone checks the notifications box, anyone using that field at the time will receive notifications every time that field's value has been changed. If you want to be notified when a field's value has been changed for a specific task, you need to be a task collaborator.

Project Members will only receive custom field notifications if they are following the task where the field value has been changed.

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