Custom templates

Custom templates save your team time by allowing you to create template projects to copy for multiple existing workflows or processes you use all the time. They also give your team confidence that they don’t have to recreate the processes from scratch nor worry about missing any steps. You can set up projects to track your work perfectly from the start. You can also have task due dates automatically adjust based on the start or end date of your project, so that you can save steps in your project planning process.

Convert an existing project into a template

save as template

To convert an existing project into a template:

  1. Click on the arrow icon next to the project title.
  2. Select Convert to template

Once you’ve saved your template, it will be instantly visible for you and your team. You can use it by creating a new project and accessing the By "Company Name" tab. There, you will find all custom templates and the teams they were created in that you can copy.

Use a custom template in order to create a new project

Create a project 1

You can create a new project using a custom template by accessing the template project and then clicking Use this template option on the top right of the page.

You can also use an existing custom template when creating a new project using the orange Omnibutton.

Create a project 2

Creating a project:

  1. Click the omnibutton in the top bar
  2. Select Project

Choose custom template

To choose a custom template:

  1. Access the By "Organization/Workspace name" tab
  2. Click on the custom template you wish to use

Name project

From here, you can:

  1. Name the new project created from the template
  2. Choose which team the project should go in
  3. Choose the privacy of your project
  4. Click either Create Project or Next if there are set dates in the custom template

When you create a new project using a custom template, everything is copied over. This includes the project description, tasks, due dates, Sections, custom fields and projects where tasks have been multihomed.

Scheduling project dates from a custom template

If there are set dates in the custom template, all you have to do is choose a start date or an end date when creating your project and Asana will schedule all of your tasks for you. You can set project dates from the project progress view.

The schedule project dates screen will only show up if there are set dates (a project or task due date or date range) in the custom template.

Autoshifting dates

From the Schedule Project Dates screen:

  1. Choose a Start date or an End date for your project
  2. Choose to allow tasks to be scheduled on weekends or not
  3. Click Create Project once you're finished

Use project dates when you have a start date or end date in mind and need to schedule a task before or after.

Use cases

Here are some examples of how to create a project using a custom template and using a start date and end date.

Using a start date

start date

To use a start date:

  1. Choose Start date
  2. Add the date from the calendar icon
  3. Click Create Project

start date example

The start date of the task with the earliest due date in your template/project will be shifted to the selected project start date.

Using an end date

end date

To use an end date:

  1. Choose End date
  2. Add the date from the calendar icon
  3. Click Create Project

end date example

The task with the latest due date in your template/project end date will be shifted to the selected end date.

Removing a template

You can remove a custom template from the library at any time.

Remove Template 1

To remove a template:

  1. Click the project dropdown arrow in the template project
  2. Select Remove from templates

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