Comment-only Goals

Comment-only Goals allow goal members to comment on goals without having edit access. Now, goal owners can decide who has Edit access or Comment-only access. Comment-only access will ensure that goals aren’t mistakenly deleted or edited by goal members.

Sharing a goal

share goal

To share a goal click on Share.

add membersl

Enter the name or email address of the goal members you want to add.

private goal

To view the goal’s members and their permission settings, click on the Members tab.

Sharing a public goal

Public goals have a privacy setting for everyone in your Organization. You can set it to Can edit or Can comment.

public goal

If you receive a Can comment permission from the company and an individual Can edit permissions, your effective permission is the one with the highest level: Can edit.

Edit access vs. Comment-only access

The table below shows the difference between having Edit access and Comment-only access.

Edit accessComment-only access
Change goal nameLike a goal
Link contributing workLink reference work
Edit progress metricCopy goal link
Update statusLike / comment on status update
Grant edit access to othersShare with others via share modal or @ mentioning (Comment-only role)
Change privacy settingRemove comment-only users
Close goal
Delete goal
Edit goal description
Add sub-goals
Remove Owner or team
Update time period

To learn more about Goals, head to our How to get started with Asana Goals Guide article.

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