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Upgrade Options

When deciding to upgrade to a premium plan, you should identify three things.

Which space you want to upgrade:

  • A WorkspaceWorkspace A Workspace is a collection of people and projects in Asana that does not require a company or custom email domain. Read more
  • A TeamTeam A team is a group of people in an Organization who are working together on a collection of projects. Read more within an Organization
  • An entire OrganizationOrganization Organizations connect everyone in a company using Asana based on a shared email domain. Read more

You can choose to upgrade one team if you only need one specific group to have access to premium benefits instead of your whole Organization.

Your billing cycle:

  • Monthly
  • Annually

Annual plans receive a discount equivalent to two months.

The number of Members you want to upgrade to:

  • Upgrade a Workspace or Organization, you must upgrade for all Members in the Organization
  • Upgrade a Team within the Organization, you only upgrade for the Members in the Team

Premium Organization vs Premium Team

If you are in an Organization, you need to determine whether you want to upgrade the entire Organization or just one specific Team.

If you upgrade the Organization, you are paying for every Member in the Organization; the entire Organization and all Teams inside of your Organization can leverage the premium benefits.

If you upgrade a specific Team, only that particular Team will be considered premium. The rest of the Organization and the other Teams will remain free with the option to upgrade as well. Contact our Sales Team if you’re interested in upgrading multiple Teams together.

If the Organization is upgraded, that plan will override any existing premium Team subscriptions.

Upgrade to premium

To upgrade:

  1. Click your profile photo
  2. Select Upgrade from the drop down menu

This will redirect you to the upgrade page and allow you to upgrade the Workspace or Organization you’re currently viewing. If you’re having difficulty upgrading due to ZIP code errors, please get in touch with support.

The checkmark indicates the Workspace or Organization you’d be upgrading.

upgrade to asana premium and contact asana sales to learn more about pricing

On the upgrade page, you can:

  1. Choose whether to upgrade the entire Organization or only one Team
  2. Choose the size of your plan you wish to upgrade with the sliding scale
  3. Choose whether to be billed monthly or annually

All our plans are tiered. We do not currently offer single user Premium plans.

When you have selected all of your options, click the Purchase button to go to the Billing information page.

On the billing information page:

Enter your billing information and click the Purchase button when you’re done.

Downgrade back to free or change premium plan size

To change your premium plan:

  • Click your profile photo from the right of the top bartop bar The top bar appears at the very top of Asana above the header. Read more and select the desired Workspace or Organization you wish to downgrade
  • After selecting your desired Workspace or Organization, click your profile photo again and select Add Seats
  • From the billing page, use the sliding scale to adjust the size of your plan. Slide the scale all the way to the left to downgrade back to the free version

If you are on an annual plan, contact our support team to help adjust your plan.

Click here to go straight to your billing page.

Upgrading or downgrading will not result in any data loss whatsoever.

Invoice Payments

We offer invoice payments for annual plans of 25 or more Members.

For more information, please contact our Support Team.  

Manage Billing

During the upgrade process, you can appoint either yourself or one of your colleagues as the billing owner of your subscription.

The billing owner:

  • Can update billing information
  • Will automatically become the Administrator in a Premium Organization and can appoint other Administrators
  • Can upgrade, downgrade, or cancel the premium plan
  • Can reappoint another Member as the billing owner
  • Receives a copy of the latest invoice at every billing cycle
  • Can access copies of previous invoices

Access your Billing Page

Access a premium Workspace or Organization’s billing page

  1. Click your profile photo in the top corner and select [Workspace/Organization’s name] Settings from the drop down menu
  2. Navigate to the Billing tab

In a premium Team, the billing owner can access the billing page by:

  • Accessing the Team SettingsTeam Settings team settings are adjustments that only affect a team, not an entire Organization. Read more panel
  • Navigate to the Billing tab

From the billing page, you can:

  1. Change the size of your plan
  2. Reassign the billing owner to another Member
  3. Change the billing information on your account

Previous Invoices

At each billing cycle, the billing owner will receive a copy of their invoice via email. Each of these emails contain a link at the bottom of the message that allows you to access your past invoices.

To access your past invoices:

  • Locate and open any Asana invoice email
  • Click Billing Account Details

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