Comment-only projects

Comment-only permissions for board and list projects allow teammates to view or comment on projects without giving them access to edit them. This makes it easier to share the information in a project with anyone that needs it, while preventing any accidental or unnecessary changes to it. Capture feedback on projects and update stakeholders, while keeping the structure of your projects intact. Comment only is perfect for company wikis, templates, points of reference and processes that have been solidified and shouldn’t be changed.

Change a Project to comment only

You can access permission settings through the share button on the Project page.

Only Project members who have editing permissions can modify a comment-only Project. Those who are not Project members may still have access to the Project as a whole or to any of the individual Tasks within it, but will only be able to access the Project as a comment-only viewer.

project member access settings

To change the permission settings of the Project to Comment only:

  1. Navigate to the Share tab beside Search on your Project to open the Project Members & Access settings menu
  2. Choose which Project member you want to comment only and select can comment from the menu

From here you can choose to share the Project with the Team or make it private to Project members, and restrict what these members can do within it.

Once you change this setting, your Public Project will be comment-only for people who are in your Team or Organization, but not those who are Project members. Making this change will not affect the Project access settings for existing Project members.

Change access settings for individual project members

The Project Owner and Project members with editing permissions can give other Project members editing access by changing their individual access settings to Can edit.

change member access settings

To change Project members access settings:

  • Click on the dropdown menu beside the name of the Project member you’re changing the settings for
  • Select Can edit to give them full Project access, or Can comment to limit access to Comment only as before
  • Project Owners can appoint ownership to another Project member, or remove them from the Project
  • Close the menu to save your changes

comment only view

Project members will see what permission they are set to in the task view over the project name in a highlighted bar.

Individual user project permissions

Project members can be given individual permissions regardless of the project's default setting. On the project level, members who can comment only or are assigned a task with comment only permissions, can only post project conversations and project status updates.

The table below outlines the capabilities of project members with editing permissions, those with comment-only access and those with comment-only access who have also been assigned a task in that project.

Can edit:Can comment:Can comment with task assigned:
Complete TasksComplete Tasks
Modify AssigneeModify Assignee
Modify Due DateModify Due Date
Modify Task Title & Description
Add / Remove Tags
Add / Modify Subtasks
Add / Modify Task Waiting On...
Edit / View Forms
Modify Custom Field ValuesModify Custom Field Values
Add / Remove AttachmentsAdd / Remove AttachmentsAdd / Remove Attachments
Comment on a TaskComment on a TaskComment on a Task
Modify Task CollaboratorsModify Task CollaboratorsModify Task Collaborators
Like Tasks or CommentsLike Tasks or CommentsLike Tasks or Comments

If you have comment-only access and are assigned a task, subtasks of that task must also be assigned to you in order to be able to action them.

Tasks associated with multiple projects

If a task is multi-homed, project members who have access to all projects the task lives in will inheret the greatest permissions.

For example, anyone who has full editing access to a task in one project, will not lose that access if the task is multi-homed to another project in which they only have commenting access. This means you won't lose editing privileges on tasks should they also be added to projects you have comment only access to.

This also means that anyone set to Can comment in one project will gain edit access on a task that's added to another project in which they have Can edit access.

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