Team Pages

The Teams page is a central location where you can access all your Team's work.

There are two main views in the Teams page: Messages and Calendar.

Along with Messages and Calendar, the Teams page also allows you view a list of Team Members, a list of your team's projects, and access the Team Settings.

Access Team Pages

access team pages

Click on any team's name in the sidebar to access that team's page.

When you visit a team page in Asana, you’ll get more context about the purpose of the team, who’s in it, and what they’re working on.

team page options

From the team page overview, you can:

  1. View the Team Description
  2. View the Member list
  3. Access the projects in the team or create a new project
  4. Select View as tiles or View as list

Team Conversations

Use Messages to share team-wide announcements, celebrate major accomplishments, or talk about multiple projects at a time.

Team Conversations

From the Messages tab in the team's page, you can:

  1. Create a new Conversation
  2. View previous Conversations

Team Calendar

Team Calendars are a great way for projecting at your team check-ins and for senior managers to stay informed on what your team is working on for the days and weeks ahead.

Team Calendars display tasks from all of your Team's projects in a single view and you can adjust the start day of your Calendar from your profile settings.

Tasks created in My Tasks are not associated to a project and therefore, will not appear on the Team Calendar; add your tasks to a project and they will then appear on the Team Calendar. This also applies to subtasks. Subtasks must be manually added to a project in order to appear on your Team Calendar.

team calendar

Navigating Team Calendars

  1. Click the dropdown arrow next to the team name to view another week or month
  2. Click Today to go back to viewing the current week and month
  3. Click the Show Weekends icon to display Saturday/Sunday on the Team Calendar

Team Calendars are read-only and tasks cannot be added to it. Add tasks to a project to make them appear in the Team Calendar.

task details in team calendar

Click any task name on the Team Calendar to view its details.

If changes to tasks take place (completions, due date changes, etc.) while you're viewing a Team Calendar, you will not see those changes reflected live. Click the Refresh button to re-sync the Team Calendar.

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