Limited Access Members in teams

Previously, when you added people from outside your team to a project in that team, they would not appear in the team Members list in the team's Settings and would join your team as a Team Guest. This was due to a counting error on our part. Now, those who don't have access to all projects within your team will appear as Limited Access Members in your team or Workspace Settings Members tab.

Limited Access Members can see projects and tasks they've been added to, but not conversations or other projects in the team.

Members with limited access will need to be accommodated for in your plan if you decide to upgrade to Asana Premium.

If you’d like to keep these Limited Access Members, no action is required on your part. Our team will go ahead and automatically add them to your seat count and adjust your billing plan accordingly. However, if you don’t want these Limited Access Members counting towards your team total, you can easily go in and deprovision them from Asana.

This will remove them from the projects they are in, and they will not be counted towards your seat total. You can learn how to remove members from a project here.

team settings members

To access team members:

  • Hover over the team name in your sidebar and click the gear icon that appears
  • Click Edit Team Settings

team settings members

Navigate to the Members tab, and you'll see a list of full team members and those with limited access. If you're a full team member you can grant full team access to Limited Access Members in this list.

Adding someone as a task follower or assignee will not add them to the team's Members list.

Limited Access in Workspaces

Previously, when you invited someone to your Workspace you had the option to Invite as Guest. Now, invite people and choose to Give Limited Access. Navigate to your Workspace Settings from your profile in the top bar and click the Members tab the same way you would in a team to view and invite members.

Workspace settings members

If you're a full Workspace member you can still hover over the person's name in the members list to convert a Limited Access Member to a Workspace member.

Workspaces act as singular teams. Learn more about this here.

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