Creating Organizations

Create an Organization in one of the following ways. Many will need to use the Contact Us option.

Creating an Organization will affect everyone in Asana who uses an email address from your company.

Be the first from your company to sign up

Sign up for a new Asana account with your company email address and we will automatically create an Organization for you, based on your email domain.

This is not true in all cases. If you sign up this way and you end up in a Workspace instead of an Organization, you can convert your Workspace.

Create additional Organizations

It is possible to create and join more than one Organization from one account. If you have an additional company email address, add your email address to your account and follow these steps to create a new Organization.

Each Organization must be associated with a unique email domain. Only those who have your company’s email domain associated with their Asana account will become members of the Organization.

Add or change your Organization’s Email Domain

If you would like to add an approved email domain for your Organization (for example, if your company is switching from to, please add your new email address to your Asana account before contacting our support team.

First add your new company email address to your account, then contact the Asana Support team so that we can help make the corresponding changes to your Organization.

Contact us as soon as you know you’ll be switching email domains. It is easiest to change while both your old and new email domains are active at the same time.

Organization Settings

Access your Organization’s settings to upgrade to a premium Organizationpremium Organization Premium plans in Asana allow you to work with a larger number of people and leverage premium benefits. Read more , manage billing, and access other AdministratorAdministrator An Organization's Administrator can update the Organization settings from the administrator console. Read more options.

access organization settings

To access your Organization’s Settings:

  1. Click your profile photo
  2. In the drop down menu, select [Organization’s Name] Settings

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