Understanding Messages

Use Messages to have discussions, make an announcement, brainstorm, celebrate accomplishments, or talk about any other topic. You can use Messages directly with people, or with projects or teams.

Messages with teams, projects and people

Messages can be sent to individuals you collaborate with, all members of specific projects, or all members of your teams.

These Messages function in the same way, but there are a few differences between them, including:

  • Where to start the Messages
  • Who gets notified about the Messages
  • Who has access to the Messages

Start a Message

You can start a Message from several places, including the “Send message” button in Inbox, the Quick Add button, hovercards for individual collaborators, and the “Messages” page on projects and teams.

You can send a Message to multiple recipients, including sending a Message to multiple projects and teams.

team messages

To create a Message for a team

Click on the Messages option in the top navigation bar for a team to start a Message, or click “Send message” next to the list of team members on the Overview page.

project messages

To create a Message for a project

  1. Click on the “Messages” tab in the top navigation bar of a project.
  2. Click “Send message to members”

Screenshot with focus on message option from Quick Add menu

To create a Message from Quick Add

  1. Click on the Quick Add icon located on the right top corner
  2. Select the Message option from the menu

You can also hover over a person’s name or hovercard and click Send Message

Respond to a message

You can reply to a Message by typing a response, or by liking the Message to show your acknowledgement or support.

Screenshot with focus on elements available to respond to a message

Things you can do to respond to a Conversation

  1. Click the thumbs up icon to like the Message
  2. Add a comment to respond to the Message
  3. Apply rich text to your Message
  4. You can also @mention someone and upload an attachmentattachmentA file that is attached to a task or conversation.Read more
  5. Add emojis or appreciations to the body of your Message
  6. Upload any relevant files to your Message via your computer, Dropbox, Box, or Google Drive.
  7. Click the send button to send your Message

Other actions to share a Message: print and get link

Screenshot with focus on options to print and get link of a message

There are other actions you can do with Messages that will help you share the information posted by your teammates and yourself.

  1. Click the first icon displayed on the top right corner of a Message to copy the Message link to your clipboard
  2. Click the three doted icon on the top right corner of a Message and select Print to print it

Edit a Message

You can edit your own response by hovering over it, clicking the drop down-arrow that appears and selecting Edit Comment. You can also click the Delete Comment option on the same menu to delete your comment, or the Pin to top option to display that comment first among other comments on the same Message.

screenshot with focus on edit option for a message

To edit a Message:

  1. Click on drop-down arrow next to your response
  2. Click on Edit Comment

screenshot with focus on label marking a message that has been edited

You will be able to identify those Messages that have been edited by the (edited) label displayed next to the response.

How to Find a Message again

You can find a Message that you’ve sent or received by navigating to either of the Message reports under the “Reports” section of your sidebar.

view messages

You will be able to identify those Messages that have been edited by the (edited) label displayed next to the response.

Messages I’ve sent displays all Messages you’ve sent to other people, projects, or teams. You can also navigate to this report by clicking the “Messages I’ve sent” tab inside your Asana Inbox.

Messages I’ve received displays all Messages you’ve received.

Delete a Message

Screenshot with focus on option to delete a message

To delete a Message:

  1. Click the three doted icon on the top right corner of a Message to display a menu
  2. Select Delete

You can only delete the Messages that you've posted. Deleting a Message will also delete its subsequent comments.

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