Tasks on iOS

Create a task


When creating a task, you can:

  1. Tap the Quick Add button
  2. Tap expansion icon
  3. Add a task title, assignee & due date
  4. Add a description, add the task to a project or add a subtask
  5. Add followers
  6. Tap Create once you've added all the details

Access & edit a task's details


  1. Tap a task to access its details
  2. Mark a task complete, like a task, add a subtask or access additional options
  3. Add an image, attach a file or @mention someone
  4. Add task followers

Appreciation Stickers

Appreciation stickers are a way to empower users to collaborate on tasks. They're animated and illustrated characterizations that users can add via the Appreciations icon picker. These stickers are a great way to give recognition and kudos to teammates and collaborators on anything from milestones to completed tasks and status updates.


  1. You can access Appreciation stickers through comment section of any task, status update etc. by clicking on the Appreciations icon picker
  2. The stickers will then appear in line with other comments, updates or questions

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