Whether you’re just getting started or already using Asana with your team, we’re here to help. For a quick onboarding ‘lesson,’ take a look at the Basics section. For suggestions and recommendations for introducing Asana to your entire team, read up on the Do More section.

Here in Help, you’ll find all the detailed documentation around Asana features, learn how to set up your Organization or Workspace, create projects and tasks, use Hypertext, understand permission settings, invite teammates, get to know premium plans, and more.

Interface tour

The first thing to know is that you only need one Asana account. From your personal account, you can join or create any number of Organizations or Workspaces and navigate between them via My Overview.

Access My Overview and the Organizations and Workspaces you belong to from the left pane.

You can use drag and drop to reorder your Organizations and Workspaces in My Overview. The one at the top will be the default landing the next time you log in.

Personal Projects

You’ll find Personal Projects in My Overview as well. Personal Projects are a special type of Organization. Everyone in Asana belongs to one. In Personal Projects, each project you create is private to you until you share it with someone. It therefore always has per-project permissions, so it’s great for one-time collaborations like vacations, home remodels, or birthday parties. It’s not a space to collaborate with a large team over a long period of time.

It’s not possible to remove yourself from Personal Projects, to hide it from My Overview, or to rename it.


Asana’s interface is divided into three panes. This section will walk you through each of these.

Left pane

Use the left pane to search Asana, to switch between Organizations and Workspaces, to select projects and to navigate to your Inbox and My Tasks lists.


You can find the search box at the top of the left pane. Use search to find tasks, projects, tags, or people. Read more in the Search section of the Guide.

My Tasks

Tasks that are assigned to you show up in the My Tasks list of a given Organization or Workspace.

Click on My Tasks in the left pane, and your list of assigned tasks will load in the center pane.

The My Tasks list is typically your first stop in Asana each day.

Creating tasks in your My Tasks list will automatically assign them to you.


Inbox is your notification center in Asana. Use Inbox to see the latest updates from your teammates. Stories you’ll see in Inbox include:

  • Task completions
  • Tasks assigned to you
  • Tasks to which you’ve been added as a follower
  • Comments on tasks you’re following

You will not see your own activity in your own Inbox.


Your Dashboard offers reports on the progress of projects you’re a Member of. Learn more about Dashboards.


Projects are lists of tasks. You will see a list of the projects in your Team or Workspace in the left pane. You can drag and drop project names to reorder them, but be aware that doing so will reorder them for everyone.

Projects you’ve marked as private to you will have an avatar+lock icon next to them.


To star projects, people (their My Tasks lists), or tags as Favorites:

  • Load the list in the center pane
  • Click the star icon
  • Notice the star is now gray/filled in

These will appear in a fixed position in your left pane with a star icon next to them (see above). You can drag and drop to rearrange them.

To remove a project, person, or tag from your Favorites:

  • Load the list in the center pane
  • Click the star icon to the left of the list’s name
  • Notice the star is now white/hollow

Only you see what you’ve starred as Favorites. Everyone has their own set of Favorites.


Recents allow you to quickly navigate back to projects, people, or tags that you recently viewed. As you view them, they will appear in your Recents list in the left pane with a clock icon next to them.

To move a project, person, or tag out of your Recents list, visit other projects, people, or tags. You can also remove Recents by clicking the clock icon and selecting Remove from Recents.


You can choose to show a list of available tags in the left pane. Learn more in the tags section of the Guide.

Expand and collapse the left pane

If you reduce the size of your browser window, the left pane will collapse. Click the icon to the right of your Organization or Workspace’s name near the top of the left pane to expand it again and keep it open.

If you want more room in your browser window for the center and task panes, click the icon to collapse the left pane.

Expand and collapse the task pane

The task pane will not collapse if you reduce your browser window, but there is still an option to expand or collapse it.

To collapse the task pane, click the left arrow button from the center pane or press ESC on your keyboard.

To expand the task pane, click the right arrow button from the center pane or press Tab on your keyboard.

Center pane

When you select a project, tag, or person from the left pane, you’ll see the relevant list of tasks in the center pane. This is also where you see Search results and notifications in Inbox.

In My Tasks and projects, the task list behaves like a text editor: each line is a task. To add a new one, just press Enter and start typing.

The center pane is where you can sort and filter tasks and take project actions like duplicate, sync, and delete.

Task pane

The task pane, or right pane, is where you see the details for a task you’ve selected in the center pane.

You can add notes to give the task more context, add comments to discuss the task with your teammates, build a list of subtasks, set an assignee and due date, attach relevant files, write comments, and more.

Learn more about the functionality available in the task pane in the tasks section of the Guide.